Businesses World Australia’s recommended Movie list


Well let’s be honest, we all need a recommended movie list, and each person has individual tastes and attitudes. We decided that the best way to help you on your long flights to and from various locations was to give you a suggestion list of movies you should have a look at, the classics and- not so classic. Our team have put their heads together and come up with a list of movies that we think everyone should see at least once.

The Godfather

Raza, one of our founders decided to use up his three recommendations in one fell swoop. He  suggested the classic trilogy about gangsters in the United States, The Godfather Trilogy. Even the theme itself have become a mainstay in popular culture. The film, if you are not already aware follows the fictional Corleone family and their rise to power, the first film, staring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, and Diane Keaton, is a virtual who’s who of Academy Award winners. What makes this story particularly fascinating, was that it actually even provided Gangsters in the states role models for their family. This is a classic, and every one should really see it.


Adam- well Adam is special and continues to say that the best movie ever made was RoboCop. We know that there might be institutions that could deal with his babble, but in the meantime he would like to say that he thinks that the satire of modern society presented in the film almost outweighs its actiony-goodness. The fact that they predicted a return to pay-for-protection in the United States seems almost omniscient and particularly relevant for today’s world.  The last few sentences where written on a napkin found in a dumpster.

Interns. The intern is a strange animal, one that we feed only once a week to make sure that they remain hungry. We also hide their identities in case of future reparations. One suggested that Bad Boys II was one of the defining movies of the past 10 years, providing action, drama, and a little mystery.  The sound track from the original became iconic, and cemented Micheal Bay as the action director of this generation.

Bad Boys

Well for now, that’s all. We will continue to provide you with a list of what we feel have been some of the best movies ever made. We hope you like our suggestions, and hope that you will send some of your own favorite movies our way as well.