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“Clients only have to deal with us,” Matthew says. “We take care of


As specialists, Build Professional also ensures they remain on the industry’s

cutting edge. They are always aware of newmaterials, new ways of design,

new trends. They also stay constantly appraised of new regulations, and

they can make sure they are always giving their clients the most informed

advice possible, often saving them money and time down the line.

The conversation is never just one-way, however. The company takes

pride in being collaborative, and Matthew considers the business to be

driven by the needs and wants of their clients.

“Our projects are always reflective of our clients,” he says. “It’s about them,

not about us. Every project is unique and a result of our client’s specific

requirements and lifestyle.”

By taking that tact, Build Professional has earned the loyalty and

acclamation of a long list of past clients. Matthew estimates that the

majority of the company’s work comes from word-of-mouth and repeat

customers, for instance. They have shared numerous video and written

testimonials on their website – almost all of which praise the company’s

productive and efficient process, as well as the quality of finished product.