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What sets Build Professional apart in their field, Matthew says, is they

are truly specialists – and not all builders are. Home extensions and

renovations have a unique set of challenges, and the team at Build

Professional has the experience, planning know-how, and specialised

knowledge to ensure that those challenges are overcome. For example,

the majority of the company’s clients choose to remain living in their

home while it is being renovated, and Build Professional is experienced

at ensuring the worksite remains a comfortable place to live.

“We keep the client in mind throughout the whole process,” Matthew

says. “Every member of our team understands that they’re building in

someone’s home, and every newmember is trained to understand that as

well. We know it’s not just a building site. We’re always respectful of that.”

Home extensions and renovations can also be uniquely stressful, for a

variety of reasons. Build Professional helps clients manage that stress

by expertly guiding them through the whole process, from start to

finish. They offer a “one-stop-shop,” and can manage the project from

architecture and design through to estimation, production, construction,

project management and administration. They manage every detail

throughout the project so the client doesn’t have to.