Page 98 - BWA - Oct 2012

old Style Homes is a multiple
award winning boutique build-
er with a well-deserved reputa-
tion for quality workmanship and reli-
ability. They measure their success not
in terms of quantity, but rather in terms
of excellence in design and building con-
struction. They strive to deliver that ex-
cellence with every home they build.
We’re the best,” says Director
Wayne Barber. “That’s the same thing
everybody else says, but we mean it.
We’re not the cheapest builder. We don’t
claim to be the cheapest price. We only
have three supervisors, and we only
build 70 to 80 homes a year – but every
supervisor we have is an award winning
supervisor, and we build every home as
if we are building it for ourselves.”
We have pride in every single
home,” he continues. “A lot of building
companies are like sausage machines.
They might have 20 to 30 supervisors,
and there may be 10 that are good. It’s
a gamble to get a good product. With us,
we have a guarantee that every product
is built to the same high standard.”
Barber is an experienced developer with
a diversified integrated property and in-
vestment group. His land development
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