Page 72 - BWA - Oct 2012

insley Nursing Home is a 70
bed corporate business dedicat-
ed to providing holistic quality
care to all residents. Their vision is to
provide care “for the whole person,” in a
peaceful and secure homelike environ-
ment. By doing that in a very profes-
sional, affordable, and accessible way,
Ainsley Nursing Home has proven that
small aged care facilities – if managed
well – can provide a high level of care,
be competitive, and generate a high re-
turn on investment.
To achieve that kind of success in
the aged care industry, companies often
have to be willing and capable of doing
things a little differently. At Ainsley
Nursing Home, they have both the will
and the capacity.
The first thing they do differently
is staffing. At Ainsley, senior staff have
total responsibility for the management
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