Page 134 - BWA - Oct 2012

otal Project Construction is a com-
pany whose name says it all. Founded
in 2005, the company is a response to
what founder Troy Magyar saw as a need to cre-
ate a commercial construction company that was
at once professional and personal. When examin-
ing the project management landscape, Magyar
realised he needed to create his own business in
order to deliver to his philosophy.
We wanted to be more for the client,” he
says. “This wasn’t a move I made for myself, I like
to think, but one that was for the client. I was able
to open Total Project Construction with this fo-
cus on the client.” Today, with 20 fulltime staff,
Total Project Construction aims to serve its cli-
ents with unparalleled service.
The business has evolved significantly
since its inception, thanks mostly to the talent/
and skill of Magyar and his staff. “Not many com-
panies grow as fast as we did. We started off with
only our staff and few subcontractors – many of
which had worked with me before. As we grew
we have kept the same core group of people with
us, but the scope of our work has grown,” says
Many of those subcontractors are now
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