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ropical Trend Homes is a company
that takes pride in being passion-
ate about design as construction,
and producing only the finest custom-built
homes. Dedication, personalised service and
integrity for getting the job done right makes
the experience of building with Tropical Trend
Homes easy and enjoyable for clients in North
Launched in 2007, owners Patrick and
Alfina Winter wanted to build homes that
were unique and of very high quality. At the
time, they were designing homes for other
companies to build – the kind of homes that
people noticed right away. According to Al-
fina, they used to have people approach them
and say they should be building homes them-
selves. After thinking long and hard, the pair
heeded that advice and Tropical Trend Homes
was born.
Prior to starting Tropical Trend Homes,
Patrick and Alfina came from two varying
backgrounds. Patrick is an experienced carpen-
ter with extensive knowledge of all facets of the
building industry, while Alfina has a sales and
customer service background.
All of Tropical Trend’s homes are built
in Cairns, within the vicinity of the northern
beaches.The company is a niche builder, taking
on only five to eight projects a year – depend-
ing on size and timing. The price for a typi-
cal Tropical Trend home is $350,000 and up.
Quality, not quantity,” Alfina explains. “We
keep our build areas very small. We do our best
to give our clients the best home and service.”
What sets Tropical Trend Homes apart is their
customer service, their finish and their differ-
ence. Patrick is someone who thinks outside
the square – “always looking at how to improve
a home,” Alfina says. “He doesn’t just build a
plan that’s in front of him. He will always try to
improve it and give suggestions to the clients.
He treats every client’s home like it’s our own.”