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sh Moseley Homes is a prominent
customhome builder with an unrivalled
reputation. Since their establishment
over 20 years ago, they have been constructing
quality homes in Cairns, Far North Queensland
and the surrounding districts. By offering a full
in-house service – from design, consultation to
construction – Ash Moseley Homes endeavours
to meet and exceed all of their client’s wishes and
expectations, on time and on budget.
Ash Moseley, the company’s eponymous
founder, began his career as a contract carpenter.
Building homes himself – under his own name –
had long been a goal of his. In 1990, he and his
wife Michelle achieved that goal. Ever since, the
pair has worked as a team and closely supervised
every project. They are both firm believers in the
idea that hard work, commitment and honesty are
the keys to success, and they bring that attitude to
every home that they build.
Today, Ash Moseley Homes specialises in
working on custom designed homes in the higher
end of the market, anywhere from $700,000 to $2
million. When it comes to setting themselves apart
from other builders in the same market, Michelle
Moseley cites the company’s superb reputation.