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cLeish & Matthews is a Western
Australian building company that
specialises in commercial and in-
dustrial construction. For more than 50 years they
have built an unrivalled reputation for achieving
high quality projects, and have earned the trust of
satisfied clients who return time and again to uti-
lise their services. With skills in design and con-
struct, project management, tilt up construction
and all-general building, McLeish & Matthews
can bring any project to a successful reality.
The original eponymous McLeish & Mat-
thews was a builder and an engineer, respectively,
and started a company together in 1960. That
company has remained continuously family-
owned and operated to this day. Over the years
they have undertaken thousands of building proj-
ects of varying size and complexity for a wide-
range of clients.
From humble beginnings we’ve grown to
what we are today – a company that is renowned
for providing first class quality work in commer-