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he Freemasons’ Homes of South-
ern Tasmania is a leading provider
of aged care services in Tasmania.
eir residential care facilities provide quality
care, accommodation and services to 164 resi-
dents who enjoy independence, security, com-
munity and a quality lifestyle in contemporary
Founded in 1951, the Freemasons’
Homes of Southern Tasmania was originally
established to celebrate the end of the Second
World War. To commemorate the end of the
war, it was suggested that a suitable memorial,
a Masonic Peace Memorial, be erected. This
idea was pursued by the various organisations
within Freemasonry, and a report adopted by
the Grand Lodge of Tasmania led to the es-
tablishment of the provisional committee of
Masters. After numerous meetings,
it was decided that homes for aged care should
be built.
After receiving funding from the Free-
masons in Southern Tasmania and investi-
gating numerous sites in the greater Hobart
area, the current Lindisfarne site was selected.
This site, comprising of more than five acres,
was purchased in 1951 – and the Freemasons’
Homes of Southern Tasmania was created.
Greg Burgess took on the CEO role
at Freemasons’ Homes of Southern Tasmania
in December 2001, and the intervening years
have not seen his passion for the organisation
wane. Prior to joining, he had a 25-year career
in local government, where – in the later years
the council he was managing also managed