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oble Beverages is a renowned and
trusted company whose aim is to en-
hance the quality of Australian life by
producing and distributing healthful beverages.
Their best-selling brand, Noble’s Pureau, is the
only water in Australia guaranteed to be com-
pletely free of chlorine, bacteria, fluoride, salt
and other imperfections that plague both tap and
bottled water.
Noble Beverages has been providing
Pureau to Australian households since 1987, four
years after the company was founded in Sydney.
The organisation was originally built as a purifica-
tion plant in the 1980s to supply purified water
to pharmaceutical productions. “From there it
morphed into a purified bottled water for people
to drink,” recalls Managing Director Phil Mann.
The launch of Pureau was preceded by
an exhaustive research and development process
that resulted in one of Australia’s most sophisti-
cated water filtration systems and the birth of the
Pureau brand.
Mann got involved with the brand in De-
cember 2004, when he purchased Noble Bever-
ages and created Australian Beverage Holdings
where he has been the full-time Managing Di-
rector since June 2007. He leads the company’s
strategy, operations and finance divisions to en-
sure they deliver on their promises to customers.
Mann first became Managing Director
during a time when branded packaged water in
grocery stores was fast-growing and popular.