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ased on the Gold Coast, Active Lifestyle
Nutrition (ALN) develops, manufac-
tures and delivers technology-based in-
gredient blends, flavours and integrated solutions
for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical mar-
kets. Their specialties include supplement man-
ufacturing, marketing, product development,
and formulating and supplying a product that is
ALN has more than 12 years of manu-
facturing experience, and has a dedicated and
knowledgeable team with a combined 70 years
in the food and beverage industries. By leverag-
ing that extensive experience and capability, ALN
designs customised food solutions that help grow
their clients businesses. From beverages to des-
serts – and everything in between – ALN helps
to develop products that deliver an unrivalled
consumer taste experience.
We have a unique, integrated approach
to customer-specific innovation and product
solutions,” says Jason Fava, Managing Director.