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he Urban Development Institute of
Australia (UDIA) is a not-for-profit
organisation that represents one of
Australia’s largest industry sectors, the urban de-
velopment industry. Their reach extends to the
whole of Australia, including metropolitan and
regional areas. The UDIA consists of five state as-
sociations that form a national body, which is run
by a council of delegates. The UDIA as a whole
exists to serve their state members on national is-
According to Julie Katz, National Presi-
dent of the UDIA, the Institute has several im-
portant and interconnected functions. Firstly, it
is a lobbying group that seeks to ensure decisions
made at the local, state and federal levels work to
improve the industry, keeping the land supply and
quality of housing as high as possible throughout
Australia. Secondly, they serve in an advisory ca-
pacity, keeping their membership up to speed on
the latest industry developments at both the state
and national level.
At the same time, the UDIA hosts various
events, which also allows for networking oppor-
tunities between their members, which in turn
enables best practice to occur. “We’re very much
an organisation that learns from each other,” Katz
says. The organisation’s flagship event is its annual
National Congress which will be held in Perth in
March 2012.