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Carfax |

March 2015

projects with live sites,” Paul says. “With the

majority of our projects, we have to work

around our clients and communicate with

all stakeholders, so their operations can still

carry on.”

According to Paul, Carfax is skilled at de-

livering that kind of complex and sensitive

work because of the intense personal focus

they grant each client. Paul and his fellow

Director Jerome Curll, for example, are in-

timately involved in all project stages from

tender to completion.

“We’re available for the clients at all

times,” Paul says. “Some of our competitors

are much larger than us, and can’t provide

that same level of access.”

“I am very client driven,” he adds. “That

culture is passed on through the company.

We definitely want the client to get the best

results that they can, which hopefully leads

to further opportunities from those clients.”

Paul also credits Carfax’s high level of ca-

pabilities to the skill of the company’s team,

which includes their subcontractors and

tradespeople. He describes those relation-

ships as “open and strong,” and says many

of those team members have been working

with the company for a very long time.