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| Carfax

Paul says.“They didn’t take any shortcuts. A

lot of clients will restore old buildings, but

they won’t go that extra mile to really make

them something special – and SHORE did


The Stage 1 scope of works on the site

comprised the conservation and refurbish-

ment of the three historic buildings on the

site for school uses. Those building include

Graythwaite House, the Tom O’Neill Cen-

tre, and the Coach House.

Stage 1 works of the redevelopment also

comprised drainage and stormwater works,

site levelling, and landscaping enhancement

works including a surfaced driveway, new

plantings, pathways, garden structures, and

more.The project also included the construc-

tion of a new Union Street gate and Palisade

fence with sandstone retaining walls, and

new Edward Street and Senior School gates

and fences.

According to Paul, Graythwaite House

was in a “terrible state” prior to the com-

mencement of the works. Since then, it has