The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council

The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council
The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council

The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council (FGC) represents New Zealand manufacturers and suppliers in the grocery and food industries. The FGC acts as a development and lobbyist group, providing support and information to its members.

Part of its support process is to provide direct channels to government and policy makers that represent  the interests of the food and grocery industries in New Zealand. The issues that the FGC focuses on are food legislations, trade practices and green initiatives.

By operating its headquarters in Wellington, the FGC is able to maintain close government ties and is considered a powerful lobbyist group. The FGC’s interests are represented by a board that is elected from its members. The board has a particular interest in leveraging policy makers to provide for legislation that would improve production and distribution of agricultural goods nationally and worldwide.

The board has particular interest in making industry connections that would improve supply chain relations, technical expertise and provide a real connection to environmental groups. Advocacy on behalf of its members is the prime concern of the FGC, with particular attention put to attempting to influence policy makers when certain legislation is proposed that will affect the food and grocery industry, or when particular environmental concerns are raised.

The FGC works with policy makers, environmentalists and industry leaders to provide opportunities for its members to have a real influence on the direction of the economy and policy. By working closely with related industry associations the FGC promotes and supports its members through strong economic and industrial ties.