Mandala Developments


Feels like home

When you look at the beautiful Rowlands Apartment complex, it becomes clear that the vision of the developers was to create a residence that exudes serenity, comfort and luxury. When you speak with Mandala Developments’ Chairman David Lee, that vision becomes even clearer. From his words and tone, it is evident that he has a passion for creating and delivering the best possible high-end apartment living options for the people of Adelaide.

Founded in 2008, Mandala Developments was formed by David Lee and a partner to capitalise on the growing high-rise residential market in the city. After giving up his job as a lawyer, and spending some time earning experience and investing in the Chinese property market, Lee returned to the city of Adelaide where he had lived and worked for several years.

Today, Lee says his goal is naturally to make successful investments. But he also sees a broader role for himself in revitalising the city, and acting as an example for future investors.

“The philosophy behind our name, Mandala, is a representation of holiness, harmony and prosperity – which is what we hope to give our potential investors and buyers,” he explains.

Since forming the company, Lee and his team have lived up to that philosophy by creating Rowlands Apartments – a top quality, sustainable, high-end development that many consider the best in the market. If the development model works, Lee sees it as a flagship project for the future.

The Rowlands

Designed in 2009, Lee and his team wanted the Rowlands to offer their future clients a new level of luxury and sustainable living that has not previously been seen in Southern Australia. The $55 million project consists of 93 luxurious apartments that have been fitted with top-end fittings and furnishings.

With it, Lee and his team have brought South Australia its first 8.1 star nationwide Energy Rating Scheme building, which highlights Mandala’s commitment to supporting energy efficiency in the state. Design features include solar panels, double-glazed windows, water retention tanks, and more. This is in line with Mandala’s hopes to add value to their customer’s investment, saving them from rising energy costs while doing right by the environment.

Lee and his partner are so proud of their development and confident in its liveability, they have both moved in with their families. This has given Lee even more reason to ensure that all the finishings are of the highest standards, whilst still maintaining affordability. He says that’s one of his biggest desires was to build a development that would save money for himself and the people that buy his apartments, creating a harmonious environment for all.

Built on relationships

Lee is quick to emphasize the importance of the architects and contractors who stood by him when creating his vision for the Roland Apartments. D’Andrea and Associates, the architects of Rowlands, have worked with Mandala before and Lee says they did an excellent job. Though this project was large in scope and scale, the firm took in all of Lee’s requests in terms of construction, facilities and finishings, and brought it all to life.

The same kind of close collaboration can also be credited to Mandala’s relationship with its contractors, the well-known Brookfield Multiplex (BM). Lee says he and his team chose BM due to its great reputation, great quality of work, and its experience with high-rise buildings. He says the choice paid off with a very high quality construction that every stakeholder can be proud of.

Industry recognised

Mandala Developments is a member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), which is the country’s peak representative body for all segments of the urban development industry.

In 2013, the developers were awarded with the UDIA High Density Award, cementing their reputation as innovators and leaders as well as continued supporters of community development in South Australia.

“The UDIA stands by its members and are wholly committed to revitalizing this great city, so to be a part of this organization and then to be recognized on top of that is just a great personal honor,” says Lee.

Lee believes that Mandala’s emphasis on holistic living – which combines comfort, luxury and sustainability – is an important factor behind their win. He also credits the pure aesthetic value of the building. Thanks to their contractors and architects, he says the Rowlands Apartments are “a sight to be seen, one of the most beautiful in the region.”

The Rowlands also has a number of unique features – including their skybar, lifestyle concierge service and fully equipped gym. Lee calls it “the full package,” and he says those features were also valuable in attracting the judge’s attention.

A bright future

With the Rowlands Apartment project recently finished and already being recognised, Lee and his partners are moving into the future with great confidence. Lee says as long as long as they keep the quality as high as they have, he thinks there will be a place for Mandala well into the future.

“I sincerely hope to continuously bring high quality products for international investors and residents for many years to come,” he says.

With a number of exciting projects in the pipeline and ambitious goals to achieve in the near future, Mandala Developments is well on its way to becoming a leader in the industry.