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Bonnie Rock Transport is a major transport and logistics company that specialises in freight transport to the mining, oil and gas industries. They offer “total package solutions” that can include warehousing and distribution, container transport, unpacks, and freight distribution – all throughout Western Australia and other Australian states.

The company was first established in 1998 to provide a service to the oil and gas industry throughout Australia. At the time, founder and Director  Jim Currie was in-between jobs as a farmer in Bonnie Rock, while being hounded by former clients trying to get him to return to his former career doing oil and gas transportation. In response to that demand, he setup a new company to haul grain for other farmers. Business quickly took off from there.

“Eventually I came back to Perth, and started doing what I’d always been doing back in the oil and gas industry,” Jim recalls.

“Bonnie Rock has since grown into a company that employs about 130 people, and has a very large turnover,” he says. “But we’re still a family-oriented company – I’ve got two sons here, a brother, brother-in-law, a sister, and a lot of old and very well-established friends.”

Standing apart

Today, Bonnie Rock Transport has a proven reputation for delivering quality, reliable service to the oil and gas industry. As a result, they have built many long-standing relationships with clients in that sector. Some of those relationships have spanned more than a decade, and have endured since the beginning of the business.

“That’s because of two reasons,” Jim explains. “The first is because we’re a ‘good’ company. We’ve got good morals and we try very hard to please our clients. Reputation is a very big thing with us, and I’ve been around for a fair while now, so I know that you do tend to build a fairly good reputation over time when you’ve earned it.

“It seems more and more that bigger international companies are throwing personal relationships out the window and leaving customers as just a number,” he continues. “We’re setting out to fix that, to rebuild the old ways of doing business and having a reputation again.”

According to Jim, the second reason clients choose Bonnie Rock Transport is because of the company’s capacity for specialisation.

“We have a lot of specialist equipment, and a lot of very good people and specialists in remote area operations for that equipment,” he explains.

In particular, Bonnie Rock Transport specializes in the mobilisation of large Drilling Rigs and associated equipment, with an Australia-wide net covering all aspects of rigging operations. The company’s personal fleet consists of a large number of late model haulage trucks, some of which are modified winch trucks and trailers.

Bonnie Rock’s other specialist services include freezer, chiller, and general haulage – predominantly in Western Australia. Transportation routes include Perth to Dongara, Perth to Dampier, Perth to Darwin, Dampier to Broome, and Dampier to Darwin, and Perth to Broome, which includes Derby and the Canning Basin.

They also offer specialised rental equipment, which is available for hire to service a client’s requirements – and many items have been designed in particular to support the Oil & Gas industry.

In addition to these services, Bonnie Rock Transport is also equipped to cater to the needs of its individual customers. The business is able to provide to door-to-door delivery along with storage of freight at its depot, including Perth Metro deliveries and pickups. The company’s container transport division has dedicated side-lifters for the collection, delivery and return of sea containers to and from the Fremantle and Henderson Ports, all via wherever the client’s delivery and collection locations might be.

“We’re a ‘react’ company,” says Jim. “If a client wants something, we will react to that desire. It’s thanks to being private and personal that we have this capacity, and sometimes in the oil field needs can change by the minute. You have to be able to react accordingly, to support what the client wants. We do that very well here.”

Grow, grow, grow

Bonnie Rock Transport also provides numerous mobile camp facilities spread across Western Australia and Queensland. These facilities serve the onshore oil and gas industry, as well civil works, mining, construction and maintenance requirements. They all have the capacity to accommodate persons of various numbers, and are ideally suited for oilfield exploration and construction work.

Bonnie Rock also has a permanent camp established outside of Dongara, which is near a gas plant area and approximately 30 kilometres to the south of the Brand Highway. This camp is able to house and cater for up to 44 people in modern single ensuite accommodation, and provides a high standard of meals prepared by dedicated qualified chefs. The facilities also include a large entertainment and TV room, as well as an outdoor barbecue area. There is even a below ground swimming pool, located under convenient shade.

Bonnie Rock Transport manufactures and designs all camp building, and oversees the process from installation, to commissioning, to management and maintenance. Their capacity to manufacture their own camps gives them the unique ability to modify the setup according to the clients’ needs, whatever those may be.

Jim reiterates that reacting to the needs of their clients is Bonnie Rock’s number one priority – and always will be. According to him, being responsive and client-focused is the key to growth.

“In the future, the oil fields on-shore in Australia are going to bloom,” he says. “And we are geared up for that, because that’s what we really do specialise in. I see on-shore gas and oil in Australia skyrocketing over the next decade, and that’s where our big gains will come from. Off-shore operations will also be a big area for us as well, and as I see it it’s just going to grow, grow, grow.”

“Basically, we don’t have to try and force growth. Growth will come to us, just because of what we do.”

For more information, please visit their website at:   Bonnie Rock Transport

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