Specfurn Commercial Furniture

Specfurn Commercial Furniture
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Specfurn Commercial Furniture
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Specfurn Commercial Furniture
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Specfurn Commercial Furniture is a company with both scope and direction. They supply customised furniture solutions to clients all over the country. With an office and showroom in Eagle Farm, and manufacturing facilities in every capital city within Australia, they deliver to anywhere in the country while ensuring competitive prices, reduced lead times, and minimal potential damage from transport.

Specfurn allows clients to choose from an outstanding range of modern furniture. They have solutions for offices, boardrooms, reception areas, hospitality furniture and everything else a customer could ask for – and also anything in between. Specfurn has the outstanding capacity to deliver everything from a single chair to a full office fit out. The scope of Specfurn is such that it is available to meet all client’s needs, whatever they may be. “Limited” is a word you will not find in the company’s dictionary.

Another word that does not apply to Specfurn is “boxed.” Unlike many other furniture providers on the market, Specfurn takes the time to discuss customers’ needs and provide them with a variety of solutions to assist in the selection, design and installation of their project furniture requirements. Due to strong relationships with manufacturing facilities – relationships that have strengthened and evolved since the company started – Specfurn is able to provide their customers with the best range and highest quality furniture available for a complete, custom office solution.

Specfurn was founded by Director Tony Hall as a home based company in 2006. Before that, Hall worked for a multinational company that provided the same service, until he rightly figured he could do better on his own terms. Guy Masson, a former colleague of Hall’s from the same company, had the same thought. He joined forced with Hall two years into the enterprise, coming on board Specfurn as a co-Director and helping to take the company to the next level.

Win-win relationships

Like almost everyone in the company, both Hall and Masson bring a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to their roles. It is that experience and knowledge that has helped drive Specfurn’s success, and set them apart in the marketplace.

Internally, Specfurn employs 11 people, while utilising subcontractors for their larger projects. The company’s contractor base includes an industry renowned design company, as well as highly skilled installation teams for jobs when their own guys are occupied, or for projects that require more people.

The corporate culture at Specfurn ranks as among the best in the industry. Peter Braga is a Salesperson at Specfurn who comes from long history in the field of commercial furniture. Like the rest of their team, Braga joined Specfurn because of the tremendous opportunity it presented him, and says the culture is one of the best he’s ever observed.

“Coming into this business from a different company, I’ve noticed immediately that is an efficient but a very relaxed and friendly environment,” he says. “That’s refreshing.”

Behind that superior company culture is Hall’s commitment to fostering excellent relationships with everybody they work with. “We all work to the same conclusion,” he says. “We want our clients to be 100 per cent happy, 100 per cent of the time. We also want to make sure that our subcontractors make a dollar, and ensure their longevity as well.”

“It’s a partnership,” Masson says of every relationship the company has. “We look at all of the factories, and all of our suppliers, and even our clients – we look at it all as a partnership. It’s a win-win situation. We make sure that at the end of the day their business is maintained, and our business is maintained.”

“We work as a team,” he adds. “Whether it’s our clients or our subcontractors, we just make sure we work as a team.”

As a company, Specfurn believes in supporting local business – wherever possible, they use Australian manufactured products and Australian suppliers.

Client focussed

The most important thing Specfurn does is take care of their clients. The quality of their service is their number one priority and focus. “That’s a huge, huge thing for us,” Hall says. “Looking after clients is the number one priority.” Commercial builders make up the bulk of Specfurn’s client base, but they also deal with a variety of end-users as well – Specfurn has supplied everything from mining companies, to universities, to hospitals. The main thing all of their clients have in common is Specfurn’s attention to detail.

When it comes to dealing with clients, Specfurn does everything possible right. They deliver exactly what the client is asking for, every step of the way. On top of that, their response time is faster than almost everybody else on the market.  “We’ve got efficient lead times in our manufacturing,” says Masson. “A lot of companies are quoting six to eight week lead times. We quote three to four.”

Specfurn’s industry-leading product range and product quality also help set the company apart when it comes to clients. They do not focus on one particular brand – instead, they spread themselves across numerous markets and product lines, allowing the company to be open to customer needs. They do not push specific products on their customers; they let their client’s vision guide the process.

In general, Specfurn will go above and beyond in the realm of customer service. At Specfurn, what a customer wants, a customer will get. “If the client is looking for something in particular to be made, then we’ll make it,” Hall says. “Well make it to their specifications. We won’t say ‘Oh no, we only carry it in this colour or this size.’ We’ll actually build it to what they require.”

Additional Specfurn strengths – and there are many – include their commitment to environmental performance. As a company, they are dedicated to supplying environmental sustainable furniture that is either GECA certified or meets green star ratings from the materials and processes used to manufacture them. Green-rated products are a requirement for a lot of buildings these days, and Specfurn Commercial Furniture is well positioned to provide them.

Growing year after year

There are two main components to Specfurn’s business. Firstly, there is their project work, where they supply the furniture for a specific job, often working in close partnership with a construction company such as Priority Building. The second component and revenue stream comes from longstanding relationships with single clients, such as Griffith University. Those clients will request furniture as they need it, and Specfurn supplies them on an ongoing basis. Both services are provided in an outstanding way.

It’s currently a busy time for Specfurn on both fronts. Due to the company’s significant capabilities, it will assuredly continue to grow busier. “We’ve looked at the business and we’ve always said we’ll continue to grow,” Hall says. “We want to open an office in another state and grow our market, but we also want to make sure Brisbane is pinned down and maintained.”

“We’ve basically doubled our revenue year after year,” he adds. “That’s definitely going to slow down, but it’s not going to stop. We’re definitely going to see growth year after year.”

Despite their primed growth, Specfurn will never spread too thin and lose their valued connection with clients. The company’s most important goal will always be maintaining the quality of the service that has made them – and will continue to make them – successful.