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International Cabinets is a Western Australian company known for their high quality workmanship in furniture and cabinets. Since 1970, they have been providing unrivalled customer service to the region, and have steadily grown their reputation. In that time, they have been continuously recognised by their clients and industry peers for their design innovation and consistent quality.

“We get a lot of repeat business due to the quality of our work,” says Joe Stillitano, General Manager of the company. “And the fact that we’ve won a long list of industry awards, on both the state and national level, reinforces that.”

Joe has been with International Cabinets for 33 years, and is among the second generation of family owners. He has seen the business grow significantly, and was there when they moved to their current premises in Balcatta – premises which includes a showroom, design and selection area, and manufacturing facility all under one roof.

A complete service

Today, International Cabinets’ customers include a range of builders in metropolitan Perth. They service everything from the project home market up through to the high-end boutique market. They also have some private clientele they attract through their showroom, or who have worked with them in the past.

No matter who the client is, however, International Cabinets has the ability to supply a “complete service” to their clients. Their qualified staff can individually design the client’s cabinets and furniture, specific the very best quality materials, and have it manufactured to exacting standards at their nearby premises. According to Joe, that range of abilities sets the company apart.

Our trained professionals are able to take a project from design and selections, through to manufacture and installation, all the way to completion,” he reiterates. “We can manage a job from start to finish. We have expertise in all areas.”

“And our showroom and design studio is connected to our manufacturing premises,” he adds. “This allows us to closely monitor projects. It allows our designers to be involved hands-on with projects every day.”

The company has also heavily invested in computerised programmes and machinery, which has created better efficiency in the processing of product through the chain of manufacture. According to Joe, those efficiencies have allowed the business to remain competitive in a tight market.

Industry recognised

Over the years, International Cabinet’s quality and innovation has been recognised practically non-stop by industry bodies such as the FIAA, the HIA, and the Australian Furniture Awards. Since 1995, they have won two or more awards every year.

In 2012, the company’s list of accolades was particularly lengthy. From the FIAA, they took home three wins for Built-in Residential Furniture Bathrooms & Laundries, Furniture using Exotic Timbers, and Built-in Furniture using reconstituted Timber Veneers. At the HIA Awards, they won in even more categories, including New Kitchen project of the Year, New Bathroom Project of the Year, and New or Renovated Laundry project of the Year.

At the Australian Furniture of the Year Awards, International Cabinets also took home a prize for Excellence in Furniture Using Veneered or Painted Timber Panels, which they won for their Fazzaris Dining Table Product.

Finally, the company was recognised by the 2012 National Corian Design Awards, which recognises residential and commercial designers for their creative use of the DuPont Corian product. International Cabinets won in the residential category, where they contributed to a “luxuriously functional bathroom with an outstanding appearance.”

“We highly value all that recognition,” Joe says. “It’s very important to our design team and our manufacturing team. It’s not so much about the Directors of the business. Obviously, it feels good to get those awards and to run a business that achieves them – but the awards are really an endorsement of the work the team puts in.”

Joe credits the company’s consistently award-winning results to the strength of that team – which not only includes their direct staff, but also their roster of trusted subcontractors. Most of those people have been working with the company for five years or more, with some having been in the business even longer than Joe.

“We give them a variety of work, which keeps them interested,” Joe says. “They also do the job from start to finish – they see it through, and they take a lot of pride in their finished product.”

Standing the test of time

Moving forward, Joe says that even though the company is facing new challenges every day, they are feeling very optimistic about the future. He sees customers are getting fed up with the low-cost, low-quality furniture and cabinets they have favoured in recent years. He sees that trend leaning back towards better quality, and customised processes.

“More and more customers want a product that will stand the test of time,” he says. “That’s what we provide, and we think there’s going to be a resurgence in that market. We see a future where clients demand a better quality rather than a cheaper price, and we see International Cabinets at the forefront of that market.”

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