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A world leader in mechanical rotational movement systems, Australian Turntable Company (ATC) has been dedicated to providing innovative, space-saving solutions since its establishment over 25 years ago. A family-run business, ATC has expanded from its regional base to supply customers on a truly global scale.

“It seemed to me that driveway turntables wouldn’t be a bad idea,” says Paul Chapman, Executive Chairman of Australian Turntable Company, recalling the origins of the company.

“My wife Netty and I started off the business in 1987, we were incorporated in 1990, and we just went from there,” he says.

Global reputation

Early in the company’s life, ATC focused on the exhibition and automotive retail industries. Twenty years later, the company now offers its services – which encompass full design, modelling, manufacturing and project management – to a wide range of sectors, including mining and the arts. Their core business, however, is providing space-saving solutions in commercial and residential situations – such as loading dock turntables for trucks and car driveway turntables, respectively.

Since going global in 1999, Australian Turntable Company has serviced customers in these industries on an international level, and today boasts of project involvement in fourteen countries and four continents. Current projects include 700 ton capacity turntables for the South American mining industry and 60 revolving floors for a Dubai hotel development.

According to Paul, ATC attracts this high calibre of clientele due to their reputation. In their 20-plus years of business, they have become recognised internationally for delivering quality, on time and on budget – whilst making sure customers have their expectations met and hopefully exceeded.

“I’m a hotelier by trade – I’m driven by service and making sure at the end of the day that we get a happy customer,” Paul explains. “If there’s a problem, we address that problem. I promote a saying here in the business. ‘You look in the mirror before you look out the window.’”

“If it’s our mistake, we face up to it and we fix it,” he adds. “Our relationships are built on the pillars of integrity, transparency and openness.”

ATC’s close ties to their customers are mirrored by the company’s strong internal relationships. Paul describes their workforce – which includes a second generation of the Chapman family – as “strong and growing.” He says everyone that works under the ATC banner is dedicated to maintaining the company’s sterling reputation in the industry.

Finally, ATC also enjoys very close ties with their suppliers. The supply partners they do work with, however, clearly understand ATC’s quality standards and requirements, and have worked closely with ATC in the long term.  Many of the company’s suppliers have been working with Paul for 15 to 20 years.

Award-winning expertise

Australian Turntable Company’s merits have not gone unnoticed by the industry they work in. Recently, at the Master Builders’ 2013 National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards, their hard work and dedicated was recognised with the National Export Award, in the Products and Manufacturing under $25 million category.

“It’s fabulous recognition,” Paul says. “Any business will tell you that they don’t go out looking for this stuff, but when it comes everyone’s proud to announce it. And in our particular business, that works globally, these awards can contribute to your winning a project, and they’ve done so already with us. You’re recognized internationally and nationally by peers who say ‘this company is a good company, they do good work.’”

Paul credits Australian Turntable Company’s exporting success to the respect they have earned from their customers.

“We feel as though we’ve done that very well over the years in exports,” he explains. “We speak five languages in this small business, and next year that’ll be seven or eight languages. We see ourselves as being an Australian company that’s prepared to embrace the global village. ATC goes to places people wouldn’t normally go, like Iran and Iraq, and do business there because ultimately we’re dealing with people, and there are good people everywhere.”

Moving forward, Australian Turntable Company is expecting solid growth over the next five years, especially on the back of investments made into its R&D program, which will gear the company towards developing products for the mining and construction sectors, as well as expanding into the arts industry.

“We’re full of confidence,” Paul says. “We made a decision a number of years ago now to go global, and by doing that we’ve recognized that opportunities abound, in any number of industries. We cover a wide range of industries – we believe if we do that well, then work will continually come at us; we have to build that reputation. We’ve done that, and we’re continuing to do that.”

“We’re entering the mining sector internationally at the moment, with patented products that are going to change the way mine operators design their mines,” he continues. “That in of itself will create enormous opportunities for Australian Turntable Company. We’re now opening up new offices, and we’ve got a number of distributors around the world already, and that’s paying dividends, and we’re going to continue in that vein.”

“We’ve certainly adopted the global mentality,” Paul concludes. “What I’d like to do is encourage other businesses to not be afraid to go overseas. Australia is known for its innovative expertise, and I believe we should hang our hat on that. People come here because they recognize we can make something out of nothing, or solve a problem in a different way, and we can do that very well. Australia’s got nothing to be afraid of.”

“I can’t tell you how proud we are to be recognized and win the Master Builders award – we’ve got plenty to deliver yet.”