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Often, if not always, the safest solution for project demands is to find the most experienced candidate for the job. With close to60 years in the business, Andrew Kohn is that solution for any firm or company in need of high-volume, modern packaging solutions. The Andrew Kohn vision throughout their long history has been to provide the highest form of client satisfaction and customer care. Through every level of the design and manufacturing process, they work closely with their clients to truly understand their needs. Once these needs are understood Andrew Kohn’s product specialists can demonstrate possible solutions for the client’s packaging demands from a truly impressive range of services and technologies. A benefit toboth short-term and long-term projects, it is qualities such as these that have not only fuelled the company’s growth over the years but kept them at the forefront of the industry as well.

Established in Melbourne, in 1953, Andrew Kohn began as, and continues to be, a family run business. For a half-century they were primarily focused on the manufacture of high-quality packaging materials and premium bags for both the retail and industrial sectors. This put the company on a path of steady, comfortable growth, until the increasing environmental movement of the 1990s allowed them to grow bigger. “The environment issues raised in the ‘90s had senior directors thinking of ways to take advantage of this new demand in the marketplace,” says Business Development Manager, Maree McCormack-Hyde. “They realised that this was a great opportunity for market exploration and diversification into other product sectors – they already had a large production capability in place – so it just seemed like the right time.” This diversification led to a vast range of flexible packaging products incorporatingsuch barrier structuressuch as aluminium foil, coatednylon and and polyesterlaminated to polyethylene sealing layers, justto name a few. Promoting these kinds of strategies has opened up new revenue streams and allowed the company to increase their market shareand influencein the industry.

Growing the Market

One important part of Andrew Kohn’s market growth strategy is their determination to keep apprised of the latest technology. By developing partnerships with suppliers across several platforms they are able to keep current with the next generationof printing and production technologies and processes. These notable technological developmentsare HD Flexo prints, pouch making designs and Barrier substrates to enable longer product shelf-life for a host of products. At times they even participate in developing some of those packaging materials to stay on the cutting edge of the market. They even go so far as sourcing materials and technologies from around the world and across the spectrum of relevant new applications. “We’re always on the lookout for new technologies and applications to increase operational efficiencies. It is important for us to have the ability to offer our clients the best products that are out there,” says McCormack-Hyde. “By staying apprised of all the latest approaches to our business, it really gives us an edge as we are often the first ones in the country to offer a certain product or application. That is the sort of thing clients appreciate.”

This technological advancement also increases service output to clients by allowing Andrew Kohn to source key machinery to their clients. “We provide a package deal to our customers with the ability to troubleshoot on customers’ machinery or assist in the sourcing of the right machinery for our customers,” she says. When they aren’t doing it themselves, customers can rest assured that locally made pouch products of custom design and size can be supplied readily. Up until five years ago, this was limited in Australia.However, Andrew Kohn’s specialists introduced the necessary applications to make it happen. The combined experience pool between all key personnel totals over 100 years in the plastic manufacture and packaging  industry, and it shows throughout every step of their process. So much so in fact as to have netted the company a not unimpressive awards record.

“Recently we entered our printing samples of New HD Flexography printing into the ANZFTA awards and won five awards including ‘Best in Show’,” McCormack-Hyde says. This is an extension of prior record of industry recognition which also includes the prestigious DuPont Print Awards in China, taking home two international awards there as well. “Having won the ‘Best in Show’ award puts us in a position to enter the American Print Awards next year [2012]. As proud as we are, we use this as an indication of how effective the systems we have in place are performing, and it only spurs us on to work even harder for our clients,” she says. Certainly, it does seem as though Andrew Kohn offers more than a buy-and-supply arrangement with their clients. By putting at the client’s disposal a team of highly experienced, award winning, as well knowledgeable personnel, it is easy to suggest that they are head to head with the competitors. That has evidently helped them establish a solid reputation in the industry and the award for that is loyalty.

Building the base

It is their clients’ loyalty that has shielded them from any major depressions as a result of the post-GFC period. While other companies may feel this strain, for Andrew Kohn it is more or less business as usual. “The depressed economy has marginally limited our market impact in that client marketing budgets had to be slashed, which reduces new product lines,” she says and continues, “but our existing client base helped to see us through.”

An efficient and successful company is nothing more than the sum of their personnel, and the quality of their care, be it product or service. With highly experienced, award winning staff, all the right technical applications and an extremely refined client services record, Andrew Kohn can easily adopt that title. “Our long term goal is to be a leader in the realm of packaging and manufacturing with the best practices and a solid, friendly team environment,” Maree McCormack-Hyde says. Evidently, that goal is not only feasible for the Andrew Kohn team –it is already a reality.