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As a leading provider of serviced and virtual offices, Servcorp has always been committed to making it make it possible for businesses to succeed and grow. The company offers furnished suites, boardrooms and assistant staff as well as the best communications technology available. It now boasts serviced offices in 140 locations across 52 cities worldwide, and is known for taking businesses to the next level of success.

The business was founded in 1978, when CEO Alf Moufarrige set out to establish his own property development company. He had been in the field of property development for some time, and was ready to strike out on his own.

“He knew what he wanted to do from a property perspective,” recalls Marcus Moufarrige, Alf’s son and COO of the company. “But he couldn’t find a decent office. He thought, ‘If I take some great space and I split it up and fit it out nicely then maybe the other guys will help pay my rent and I can get on with my business.’”

“Well it turned out, he actually made a profit,” Marcus continues. “He decided it was a better business model than the one he had for his property company and just continued on in that direction. We started with half a floor in the MLC centre in Sydney, and then expanded into a second floor at MLC, and then a floor in Melbourne.”

Marcus himself also comes from a career in property development, but has also been very technology-focused. As the role of technology in business grew, his father turned to him more and more for advice. He eventually joined Servcorp full-time to help refine and grow the company’s technological platform. Along the way, he has seen the business evolve considerably.

 “We’ve basically grown organically from there to 140 floors in 23 different countries, with locations on every continent except Africa and South America.”

Premium brand service

Servcorp’s mission is not to be the biggest office provider in the world – it’s to be the best. According to Marcus, one of the primary ways they achieve that is by choosing “the best addresses, in the best cities around the country and the world for clients to choose from.”

The company’s portfolio includes offices in landmark buildings like the 2IFC in Hong Kong, the Tornado Tower in Qatar and the Louis Vuitton Building on the Champs-Elysees – where Servcorp is the only commercial tenant. Their ultimate goal is to take space in the World Trade Development in New York in the future.

In addition to providing the best locations, Servcorp also provides the best facilities, equipped with the best technology. As a company, they have invested over $50 million in building a global interconnected date network to ensure their products and services save clients’ time and money. Servcorp’s offices come equipped with fiber-optic infrastructure, which ensures robust Internet connections and state-of-the-art VoIP telecommunications. They also have a global 24/7 network operations centre, with highly trained IT specialists on hand should clients need assistance.

On top of all that, Servcorp also employs “the best people,” Marcus says. Many of their team members have been with the business for years and are dedicated to helping their clients succeed.

“Service always comes first – our people are the front lines of our clients’ businesses,” Marcus says. “Presentation is critically important – we want people who are going to be a part of that. Ultimately we want a team who are committed to go above and beyond for our clients and the company.”

Servcorp’s clients can attest to the company’s dedication to service. On, an open platform run by customers to provide honest reviews, Servcorp holds a 9.7 out of 10 score.  Some of the reviews include statements such as: “I appreciate their willingness to assist above and beyond expectations,” and “They make coming into work every Monday just that much easier.”

Clients are not the only people that have learned to appreciate Servcorp. The company has also formed some very tight relationships with their landlords across Australia and the globe.

“Landlords are now seeing the value of having a serviced office or flexible space provider in their portfolios,” Marcus says. “We used to have to pitch Servcorp pretty hard to get into some of these buildings. These days, they get it more quickly.”

A triumph for small Australian Business

In 2012, Servcorp was recognised as one of Australia’s finest exporting companies, earning the Australian Export Large Services Award. Marcus says that they value that recognition highly, and one of the reasons they participate in the Export Awards is to encourage small businesses in Australia to start looking towards other markets.

“Our CEO is a typical entrepreneur,” explains Marcus. “He’s a head-down, ‘just do it’ kind of guy. He’s never been a huge fan of awards and things like that. That said – we like to let people know that you can be a small Australian business and be a success story, exporting into very large markets.”

Servcorp also takes a lot of pride in being an Australian-based company. The company produces around 80 per cent of its income offshore, while paying around 80 per cent of its tax in Australia.

“We’re fiercely Australian,” Marcus says. “We export Australian. We bring all our profits home – we want to support the Australian economy and we’re very nationalistic about that. Even Servcorp’s mascot is Australian – he’s a wombat emblazoned across all of our locations, all around the world.”

Moving forward, Servcorp has the honest goal to maintain its standards of absolute excellence.

“We don’t want to be the biggest in the world,” explains Marcus, “But we want to be the best – to have the best product. It’s probably a cliché, but that’s a fact.”

“We absolutely know we want to be a premium brand,” he concludes. “We want to maintain the service culture that we’ve got right now, while continuing to be a strong Aussie exporter – all of that adds up to being right on the cusp of a great opportunity here.”

“I think the way people are working is changing and Servcorp has very unique product offerings. We’re basically sitting on the best surfboard on the break, and just waiting for the wave to come.”

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