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Tulich Family Communities
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Tulich Family Communities
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Villages for life

Tulich Family Communities, founded in 1995, is the realisation of a vision. Directors Maurice Tulich and Curtis Mann started the company with the goal to create a “village for life.” They wanted to create a home for seniors that provided a continuum of care – a space where they could grow old in security and comfort. They also wanted to do it better than it had been done in the past.

“We wanted to create and develop villages where residents could age in place,” says Curtis. “We were passionate about what we were doing. We wanted to use superior design and finishes, and we wanted to support those villages with personalised service.”

“We wanted to become the premier caring retirement village company,” he adds. “And I think we’ve done that.”

Curtis first began his career in the property industry in 1984, when he worked with the Greenfield Group of Companies in South Africa. In that role, he was responsible for several developments in suburban Johannesburg. A couple years later, in 1986, he moved to Australia and joined the team of a leading construction and development company working in Sydney’s CBD.

From there, Curtis went on to be a founding partner of Whitehall Property Group in 1989. Whitehall is a fully integrated property company with an extensive portfolio of realty, ranging from multi-storey residential complexes to luxurious townhouse lodgings to modern commercial centres.

Curtis’ career in the retirement sector kicked off in 1995, when he met with Maurice Tulich and entered into a joint venture to develop Blue Hills Village – the group’s first aged care development.

“The match was brilliant because we had the development expertise and finance expertise, whilst Maurice was a leading figure in co-located retirement villages that combined aged care and independent living units,” Curtis says, recalling what drew him to the partnership. “We fit, and we’ve worked well together almost 20 years now.”

Quality facilities, quality care

After Blue Hills Village was completed – and became a quick success – Curtis and Maurice teamed up again to found Durham Green Lifestyle Village. For a long time, Maurice had a vision to create a “village for life.” True to that vision, Blue Hills and Durham Green were built to incorporate both independent living units and aged care residences on one site.

That combination allows the developments to provide continuum of care. It means residents can enter the villages in an independent living unit and then transfer to an aged care facility as needed. Alternatively, a married couple with different needs can be individually accommodated without being split up. A husband, for example, can reside in an aged care facility while his wife is in an independent living unit in the same village.

In general, Tulich Family Communities stands apart in the market by offering that kind of choice and flexibility. Their villages offer three bedroom homes with three bedrooms, two bedrooms, double garages, and more – which means residents can choose a unit that fits their lifestyle needs. And later, when they move along the care continuum and into an aged care facility, the villages work hard to ensure they still feel at home.

Tulich Family Communities is also set apart by their superior design, Curtis adds. He says that even their residents children are impressed with the facilities, and often remark that they could live there themselves when they come to visit.

“We pride ourselves on quality,” Curtis says. “That includes quality of our facilities, and quality of our care.”

To provide that quality of care, Tulich Family Communities relies on their team of approximately 150 staff members – whose talent and dedication also go a long way to setting the group apart in the market.

“Our corporate culture is one of total transparency and inclusiveness,” Curtis says. “And we’re blessed with fantastic management and fantastic carers.”

According to Curtis, that staff is responsible for dealing with all resident issues “all the time, every time, on a 24/7 basis.”

“Our approach is that it’s their village, not our village,” he explains. “We abide by the principles of respect, caring, truth and transparency. We aim to make sure the residents are comfortable at all times, and enjoy their journey with us.”

Meeting needs

Currently, Durham Green has completed 95 independent units out of a potential 160. In the past year, they added a 52-bed aged care facility to their property. The next phase of development will be a 56-bed “memory lodge” facility that will complement the group’s vision for providing a home where residents can age in place. They will begin construction on that addition in the next few months.

“Mental illnesses are unfortunately becoming a more and more pronounced issue,” Curtis says. “So we’re expanding into that area to meet the needs of our residents.”

In general, Curtis says that is what they will continue to do in all of their villages – strive to meet the needs of their residents.

“Our goal is always to improve on the services that we provide, and ensure that we’re the best at what we do,” he says. “And I think we’re absolutely close to that.”

For more information, please visit their website at:  Tulich Family Communities

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