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Morlife Premium Foods
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Get more out of life

The story of Morlife Premium Foods is very much the story of its founder’s own mission. Dr. Warren Stewart created the company to meet the basic nutritional needs of individuals the world over. Morlife is about more than making a dollar – it is about promoting a lifestyle that encourages healthy choices and wellness.

Dr. Stewart has spent about 28 years in the vitamins industry and earned his doctorate as a psychologist. It was in that role he discovered the real impact food and nutrition had on both mental and physical health. He encountered a technique that was once known as “mega vitamin therapy,” where doctors would prescribe high doses of vitamins to help a patient’s mental health.

About seven or eight years ago, Dr. Stewart read a book called the Wellness Revolution, and the rest of his idea kicked into place. “The author talked about the success personal computers – first they had to be user friendly, and then they had to become affordable,” he says. “Wellness was the same way. People needed to know what to take to achieve wellness, and it had to be affordable. And that is what our company aims to do.”

Quality of life

In the years since, Morlife’s product range has been developed and refined, and they now offer consumers access to higher nutritional supplements that help the body “move towards wellness.” By making these supplements affordable, Dr. Stewart is making nutrition accessible on a mass scale.

Speciality stores have long had a high price point that has kept products like theirs out of the reach of many consumers. For Morlife, it is just not about helping people achieve nutritional wellness, it is making it an accessible and affordable lifestyle choice.

Today, Morlife has a wide catalogue of products, from powders, to energy bars as well as speciality teas and coffee substitutes. Each product is carefully researched and geared towards a special purpose, but the overall unifying idea is that they provide wellness to the human body.

“I think the overwhelming reason that we do what we do is that our existing food is quite nutritionally hollow,” Dr. Stewart says. “What I mean by that is that we don’t get the density of nutrients from our daily tntake from the foods we eat in order to make our bodies work effectively.”

He points to the example of antioxidants as one of the underutilized nutrients. “If we were to take in about 9000 ORAC Units a day, which we need to protect our bodies from free radicals that damage us and cause cancer, then we would need to eat something like 16 carrots a day. Alternatively we can eat just 10 grams a day of goji berries.”

Dr. Stewart explains that the required nutrients that humans need for important life sustaining activities our bodies undertake is just not available in the foods that we eat alone. “Our diet needs to be more focused on super foods and on foods that we manufacture here that we call Fortified Functional Foods,” he says – which he defines as foods that are supersaturated with nutrients.

Knowing ourselves as the first step

“There are several body functions that we need to be reminded of,” Dr. Stewart continues. “People say that they need to eat a good diet, but what we need to examine is what exactly a ‘good diet’ is. Most people will say it is some raw foods, some vegetables, and some fruit. They have a lot of good ideas of what good diet is, but the truth of the matter is that kind of diet, after digestion, results in what is called an acid residue or an alkaline residue.”

Dr. Stewart also points out that the Western diet is too protein rich, as the consumption of processed foods and refined sugars have increased, while at the same time green foods have decreased.

“This all results in an acid residue, and the body was simply not designed to deal with it – it actually needs an alkaline base,” he says. “A lot of our natural enzymes will not function in this acidic environment.”

An acidic condition is often associated with disease, Dr. Stewart adds. When the body is operating in this state, the enzymes that would be used to break down the nutrients it requires to stay healthy cannot form the required chemical reactions. “It just doesn’t function properly. So what we need to do is get life back in our cells by reducing the acid and increase the alkalinity.”

In response to this every-day crisis, Morlife has developed more than one product to assist individuals attain the essential balance their diets sometimes lack. One of the products that has received a fair bit of attention is their Vitamin Boosting Powder – which Dr. Stewart believes is partly responsible for the 2013 Australian Business Award for Innovation Morlife received.

The Innovation was in recognition for the fact that Morlife has made “significant contributions to their industry through differentiated or more effective products, processes, services, technologies or ideas resulting in a commercial, environmental and/or social benefit,” reported The Australian Business Awards at the time.

“We now also produce these in a bar form,” says Dr. Stewart of the award-winning product. When it comes to marketing those products, Morlife has also developed a packaging strategy that labels their products in an intuitive way that allows for easy understanding of their benefits – as well as comparisons to other food stuffs. This allows the customer to become well-informed, and helps them to “move their mind into wellness.”

That’s the company’s aim and goal, Dr. Stewart reiterates – to improve people’s wellness through Functional Foods.

“Our point of difference is that our products are functionally more appropriate to achieve a higher level of nutrition than a lot of the other ones on the market,” he says. “The acid-alkaline balance is not something you see in the health food market too often, but it is growing and you are going to see more people who are aware of this.”

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