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Tropical Trend Homes

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Quality, not quantity

Tropical Trend Homes

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Tropical Trend Homes is a company that takes pride in being passionate about design as construction, and producing only the finest custom-built homes. Dedication, personalised service and integrity for getting the job done right makes the experience of building with Tropical Trend Homes easy and enjoyable for clients inNorth Queensland.

Launched in 2007, owners Patrick and Alfina Winter wanted to build homes that were unique and of  very high quality. At the time, they were designing homes for other companies to build – the kind of homes that people noticed right away.  According to Alfina, they used to have people approach them and say they should be building homes themselves. After thinking long and hard, the pair heeded that advice and Tropical Trend Homes was born.

Prior to starting Tropical Trend Homes, Patrick and Alfina came from two varying backgrounds. Patrick is an experienced carpenter with extensive knowledge of all facets of the building industry, while Alfina has a sales and customer service background.

All of Tropical Trend’s homes are built inCairns, within the vicinity of the northern beaches. The company is a niche builder, taking on only five to eight projects a year – depending on size and timing.  The price for a typical Tropical Trend home is $350,000 and up. “Quality, not quantity,” Alfina explains. “We keep our build areas very small. We do our best to give our clients the best home and service.”

Service, finish, difference

What sets Tropical Trend Homes apart is their customer service, their finish and their difference. Patrick is someone who thinks outside the square – “always looking at how to improve a home,” Alfina says. “He doesn’t just build a plan that’s in front of him. He will always try to improve it and give suggestions to the clients. He treats every client’s home like it’s our own.”

Tropical Trend Homes takes a hands-on approach when it comes to customer service. Patrick is always on-site for every project and clients can contact Alfina at any time to discuss their home. Their clients receive personal one-on-one service in the design and build process, working directly with the owners of the business. “We’re constantly speaking to our clients and having them come out and view their home throughout the build process,” says Alfina. “We’re with our clients the entire way.”

Their dedication to clients is rewarded with repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals – which, along with their display homes, accounts for all of their business. “We have 100 per cent happy clients,” Alfina says. “That’s the way we run the business. It’s something we really strive for.”

Those happy clients always stay in touch with Tropical Trend, even years after their home is built.  Whether it’s for an extension or even if it’s just to chat, “they know to give us a call,” Alfina says. “We’re always here to help.”

While most of their designs are completed in-house, Tropical Trend Homes sometimes uses a local designer and do accept designs from clients should they desire their own.

Since Tropical Trend Homes is all about quality and loyalty, those same qualities are reciprocated by their suppliers and subcontractors – many of whom have been with the company since the beginning. Patrick and Alfina look at a contractor’s quality of work, not “bottom line” figures, which is why they’ve retained long-lasting relationships with most of them. “It is about their quality of work and how they work with us and our clients.”

As a result of their tireless efforts to produce high quality homes, Tropical Trend Homes has won 28 awards. In 2009, they took home 16 HIA awards including the coveted House of the year.  This year, they took home four MBA awards – Individual Home $626,000 – $775,000, Individual Home $276,000 – $375,000 and two Rising Star awards for Patrick. That industry recognition is highly-valued and highly-sought after, Alfina says. “If you strive to be the best in the industry, your homes are going to reflect this. Which in turn will then be reflected in the awards you receive.”

Patrick won the Rising Star Award forCairnsand then went on to win forQueensland, which was quite a big thrill, Alfina says. She believes he earned that recognition for his efforts to “think outside the square,” and his dedication and passion for the industry and his clients – who always appreciate his one-on-one service.

“That is our real recognition – when our clients are really happy,” Alfina says. “Those awards just reflect his passion.”

More than green

Tropical Trend Homes is currently working on a few different environmentally-friendly designs. Patrick wants his next design to be green because environmental building is important, and Patrick is committed to getting it right, Alfina says. “When he focuses on design elements, he really studies it. It is a great passion for him.”

Going forward, the yearly quota for Tropical Trend Homes will remain unchanged because of their focus on being a quality builder, not a quantity one. “We are very much where we want to be,” she says. “We don’t ever see ourselves building more than we already do.”

They do, however, see themselves growing in different ways – they’d be happy to increase the size of their projects, and make an already great quality product even greater.

Looking ahead to the longer term, Alfina wants Tropical Trend Homes to be “better and better,” always increasing their quality and their name. “That’s what Patrick and I strive for – to be the builder people automatically turn to for unique quality home with a premium finish and design.”

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