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Taylor Construction’s Short-Term Completion Record, Ensures Long-Term Relationships


Taylor Construction
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Taylor Construction Group has approached the successful building and management of their continually growing business much the same way they approach multi-million dollar construction projects, by developing clear-cut goals followed by efficient execution – all with an emphasis on solid client relationships. From commercial and retail projects to industrial and aged care facilities, their ability to consistently deliver quality buildings has established strong foundations in the industry. Armed with this reputation, the company is looking at a slate of exciting new projects that will surely continue to cement their reputation for maximum dependability.

Established in 1994 by Mark Taylor, the company was founded on his belief in the power of positive relationships. “Mark saw the opportunity for a relationship-based construction company that could really provide a difference in the market for clients,” says Business Development Manager, Shane Strong. “The team’s approach is to fully understand the client’s commercial objectives for the project – not just how the building should be built – but how the building will ultimately meet our clients’ true needs.” Indeed, this approach has helped Taylor Construction Group become a major construction services provider in New South Wales, successfully completing projects for leading organisations. Much of this success is attributed to the Senior Management’s tireless involvement at every level of every project and it is this high degree of dedication that has helped form such strong industry ties in the community.

Those ties include successfully completed contracts for the likes of Capital Corporation, BB Retail Capital, Woolworths, Endeavour Energy, ISPT, Bluestone and the University of Western Sydney to name only a few. Rodney Dale, Dealer Principal of Purnell Motors said, “Taylor Construction Groups’ determination to deliver the experience and outcomes they committed to at a tender were outstanding. The results are outstanding.” That view is echoed by every one of the company’s former clients and their phenomenally high rate of repeat business is testament to this.

Listening to their clients

So what are clients getting when they work with Taylor Construction Group? A broad range of capabilities ranging from early involvement in budgets and cost estimates, negotiating contracts through to design and construction, adding value at every step of the way. The majority of the projects Taylor Construction work on are a Design and Construct contract. “We have a full-time Design Manager who assists clients during the early stages of design to provide advice on cost savings and buildability solutions,” says Strong. This ability to be involved with their clients upfront is definitely an asset for where time management and budgetary concerns are key. “We work with our clients and manage the design process to ensure the projects meet budget whilst maintaining the overall design with the intent to deliver what our client ultimately needs,” Strong says. It is value-adding service like this that enables projects to be undertaken, especially in current market conditions where costs are so restrictive and often brings a real feeling of satisfaction for a job well done.

“The whole team shares in that feeling of completion,” says Strong. “When you start with nothing but an open hole or a decrepit building which is demolished than refurbished or rebuilt – a lot of satisfaction comes from that, of seeing that final product built in front of you.” That elation upon the completion of the project not only reaches the team but also the client. They not only have a project that has come in on time and under budget but also one where they have had quite a considerable amount of input and participation. This deep-seated client participation seems to be ingrained in the Taylor Construction policy and is an extension of their positive relationships philosophy.

It is not just the client who benefits from Taylor Construction’s acumen and expertise, as those qualities often spill over into the community as well. “We’re always involved with charity projects as they come up through the year,” says Strong. One of the largest of these humanitarian organizations is The Property Industry Foundation, an institution in pursuit of assisting homeless children and families. “It really gives you an opportunity to give back, especially when you as both a company and a collection of individuals have been so fortunate in realizing success – I think it is important to give back and help some of the less fortunate people out,” says Strong.

Looking forward, Taylor Construction has many exciting new projects in various stages of construction. “We have projects that we’re looking at with our corporate clients – a particularly exciting one is 22B Norwest – as well as projects for our retail clients, and we’re even doing a new student accommodation facility for the University of Western Sydney,” Strong says. The 22B Norwest Strong refers to is a mixed-use building in Norwest Business Park consisting of 11,000 sqm of high-quality office space, specialty showrooms, and 106 services apartments to be managed by Medina Apartment Hotels, with reception, conference rooms, gymnasium and kitchens. With so many exciting new projects it is hard not to admire the Taylor Construction team’s continued rise in the industry. “Our Vision is to grow as a team of professionals whose culture sets the industry benchmark,” says Strong. “We view each client as our key client, and their project as our ‘best project’, and we as a team all work towards delivering to that standard.” Based on their track record, business model and projected growth, it isn’t hard to believe they will do just that.