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T & J Constructions
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T & J Constructions is more than just a business – it is a community, filled with people passionate about all facets of the civil industry. Their goal is to engage in projects which showcase the diverse talents of their entire staff and workforce, and which provide a constructive learning environment of all of their employees.

The company was first founded 12 years ago in Southern Australia, built on the simple business ethic of honesty. In the first few years, the company achieved a modest level of success, but suffered a lack of recognition in the larger market. That all changed in 2006, when a new management team took over and brought the company’s name to the forefront of the civil construction industry.

“Five years ago, we established a system of processes and methods to develop relationships, from which we can then build a wider client base,” says Charles Hatcher, the Contracts Manager at T & J. “Since then, the business has really been able to crack the market in terms of local opportunities – state government, defense, transport, infrastructure development, etc. That’s what has allowed us to go from being a fairly unknown company to one of the top five civil construction businesses in the region.”

A fresh outlook

The team at T & J has a diverse range of knowledge and skill, which allows the company to take on the complex and challenging projects that other contractors tend to shy away from.

“We have a reputation in working what you call a ‘Brownfield environment’, which is when you work within an existing urban infrastructure,” Hatcher says. “That’s a place a lot of contractors don’t want to work in, just because of the added complexity in maintaining existing services and systems. We’re not just happy to do it though – we specialize in it, and that sets us apart.”

Another strength of T & J Constructions is their capacity for risk management – which means identifying risks both internally and externally, then informing the client of all their options. By being diligent about that, the company can work with customers to minimise all the risks involved, and offer solutions when problems do arise.

In general, T & J prides themselves on being upfront and honest with customers – which are qualities that Hatcher feels are sadly not very common in the industry today.

T & J further sets itself apart by taking a “triple bottom line” approach, which involves combining and balancing fiscal concerns with social and environmental ones. They give back to the community by taking on unemployed and unskilled workers and offering them training and employment. They also regularly upgrade their machinery to cut back on carbon emissions, as well as focus on using recycled materials in as many of their projects as possible.

Lasting relationships

According to Hatcher, the hardest part of business is forming relationships, as it takes time to build a rapport. The people at T & J have discovered shortcut through this, however – transparency. Throughout every project, the team makes sure to keep their clients informed. And when problems arise, T & J works to determine the best cost options for both parties.

Strong relationships with employees are just as critical to strong relationships with clients, Hatcher adds. That’s why T & J makes it a goal to empower their employees with a broad set of skills, many of which will help them throughout their future career. The staff pay those efforts back in loyalty, and in willingness to put in the time, effort, and dedication to live up to the company’s standard of excellence.

Innovating and expanding

“In the construction business, predicting the future is very difficult,” Hatcher says. “The industry is, and will always be, quite fickle.”

What Hatcher can say for certain, however, is that T & J will do their best to continue innovating and expanding. He says they will continue to experiment with new, alternative construction methods that can result in greater productivity, quality, and safety. Regardless of the method, the team is always looking for a new way to provide a better product for the client, and achieving only the best results.

And despite the uncertainty of the future, the company’s current goal is pretty straightforward – to be the civil construction company of choice. They plan to do this through emphasising their absolute professionalism, their creativity, their transparency, their commitment to the client, and their dedication to producing effective results no matter the project.

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