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Living homes, and homes for living

Switch Homes BrochureIn this day and age, a home is not just a place to live. It has to be more than that – it has to be dynamic, it has to evolve with the family that lives in it, and it has to be a sanctuary from the world of work. At residential building company Switch Homes for Living, they don’t just understand that, they embrace it.

“As a boy, I was acutely aware of just how much I loved spending time in our family home,” says Lee Morris, Sales and Marketing Manager for Switch Homes. “I set out to deliver that same experience with each new display home we build. It’s got to be an environment that makes people feel comfortable and calm, and yet is ready for fun and entertainment at the drop of a hat. With the many pressures of our modern day lifestyles, our homes need to be a haven. We aren’t afraid to do things a little differently to create that.”

This feeling – this sense of fun – is something a lot of home builders overlook. Switch Homes’ devotion to it is one of their unique selling points. Another of their selling points – versatility – can be traced all the way back to the company’s conception in 2009. That was when Pindan, a multi-award winning company that has been a major force in the Australian construction industry for over 30 years, decided to form Switch Homes.

Lee says the genesis of the brand lay in the idea of being able to move – or switch – between different markets, while still remaining consistent in their focus and strong commitment to customers. “Our versatility in meeting the demands of the many different home buyers in the market place is second-to-none,” he explains.

Switch prides itself on being a one-stop project home builder that can cater to many markets. Their recently released ‘One series’ of homes, for example, offers affordable one-story constructions that are spacious, well designed, and offer some of Switch’s signature features. Prices for these ‘One Series’ homes start at $116,000, which make them within reach of most buyers. On the other end of the spectrum, Switch has display homes with all the highest-level features that range all the way up to $380,000. “Whether someone’s buying their first home, upgrading, or downsizing, we have something for everyone,” Lee says.

Hitting the ground running

Because of their roots as Pindan’s residential building division, Switch Homes did not take long to establish their brand. “Our relationship with Pindan has allowed us to ‘hit the ground running’ in a unique way due to Pindan’s long-standing reputation for quality in the marketplace,” says Lee. Right out of the gate, Switch Homes for Living has been able to establish itself as a reputable company, one that can leverage the power of an experienced builder to best combine capability with individualised attention.

It didn’t take long for Switch Homes to receive some validation for their good work. Shortly after their launch, in October 2009, Switch Home for Living’s display home in Ellenbrook was a winner at the 2009 HIA-NAB Perth Housing Awards. It was their very first competition submission, but not their last. Since then, they’ve won four additional awards from the Housing Industry Association and the WA Master Builders for their kitchens, bathrooms, and general housing excellence.

Philosophy of living

Switch Homes for Living builds around 200 homes a year. Their versatility is one factor that accounts for their success. Their association with Pindan is another. A third, and extremely important factor, is their philosophy of living. Switch is Perth’s most innovative home builder because it does not just build homes for living – it builds living homes.

At Switch, they believe that a home should fit the family and not vice versa. “Seamless living is important to us,” Lee says. “We keep top-of-mind the fact that homeowner’s needs change over time, and our homes are built to be able to evolve with them.” This is why Switch considers the homes they design to be living – because they are able to evolve and adapt to the homeowner’s changing needs.

One way in which Switch ensures their homes are ‘living’ is by designing rooms that can be easily changed to accommodate whatever functions and uses their clients assign them.  For example, many of the master bedrooms in their designs feature an adjoined room that can be used as a nursery, bedroom, study, or retreat depending on the various stages of a client’s life. Other designs feature an activity room that can just as easily be a kids lounge, game zone, or guest room.

A more technical method they use to keep their homes alive is the use of some stud framed walls, which they can strategically place around a home. Stud framed walls can be easily removed, which allows for a new layout in the house if and when the need for one arises. “The desire for a fresh layout may be prompted by the arrival of a new baby, retirement or grown up children moving out. For flexibility and adaptability, stud framed walls can’t be beaten,” Lee says.

Beyond all that, Switch Homes also understands the way people live. They’ve studied movement through homes, and their designs are made to heighten everything from convenience, enjoyment, privacy and togetherness – all through intelligent use of space. Once again, the homes Switch builds are not just for carrying out the mechanics of daily life – they’re designed for fun, too.

Lee says Switch Homes for Living’s designs are the most innovative in Western Australia. He says they incorporate family evolution, allow for both shared and private spaces, and encourage play and activity. After viewing one of their display homes, you will agree.