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Splice Projects is a construction and project management company unafraid of a challenge. With over 30 years of diverse experience in the industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential sectors, they are well equipped to solve problems with custom design solutions. Whether it’s difficult site conditions and logistics, short time frames, or nonconventional building materials – Splice Projects is ready and willing to overcome any obstacle.

The company’s fearlessness – which is supported by the skill to back it up – has been an important component of their success ever since they were first established as Dempster Steel. Under that name, they had been providing agricultural, commercial and industrial construction services to Western Australia for over 30 years.

When second generation Director Simon Dempster took over that business from his parents, the marketplace was calling for different and more complicated project. Simon was happy to answer that call.

“He was interested in sustainability,” recalls Simone Dempster, Simon’s wife and the Business Manager at Splice. “That led to an interest in solar design and an interest in new technology in the market.”

Simon holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management and Economics. Throughout his 20-plus years in the industry, he has always operated with a sustainable mindset. His passion for finding better ways of doing things – whether it’s with design, construction, materials or methods – led him to rebrand the business to Splice Projects.

“We’re not just about steel anymore,” says Simone. “We’re about all different sorts of design and construct, and all sorts of materials.”

Today, Splice Projects works throughout metropolitan and regional Western Australia. Their key strengths include prefabrication, steel and concrete constructions, tilt-up and pre-cast concrete constructions, and project management services.

Sustainable, collaborative, intelligent

At Splice Projects, they live and work by three core values – sustainability, collaboration and intelligence. Those values, when combined, are what set them apart in the marketplace.

“If we can build a building as cleverly as possible, without waste, and introduce the client to ways of conserving energy – then we’ve done our job,” says Simone.

“Sustainability is not just about looking after the environment,” she adds. “It’s about doing things cleverly. If you don’t have to use heaps of electricity in a building, why do it? With clever design right from the outset, you can install energy saving features – so why not do that?”

“It’s just making sensible choices,” she says. “It’s just using your brain, and thinking about things like orientation and function right from the start.”

By constructing projects in a sustainable and resource-efficient way, Splice Projects creates optimal outcomes for everybody involved. For all of their works, they aim to incorporate sustainable tactics such as natural lighting, optimal insulation, draught proofing, low carbon materials, and natural heating and cooling using shading and cross flow ventilation.

Splice Projects green-centric process starts right at the design phase of a project and continues right through construction, with the owner being involved and consulted every step of the way. That focus on collaboration – one of the company’s core values – is another important part of what draws customers to the company.

“We work hard on developing good client relationships,” Simone says. “We really do value that part of the business.”

Splice Projects commitment to collaboration also extends to their subcontractors and suppliers – all of whom they enjoy strong relationships with. “It just makes it better for everyone that way,” Simone explains. “You get a much better project when you’re collaborating with everyone involved.”

The company’s strong relationships – when combined with their third main value, intelligence – are what enable them to solve problems and overcome challenges. Using the combined intelligence, expertise and experience of everyone involved in a project guarantees the very best outcome.

When there are tight time frames, or if a site is difficult to build on or access, Splice Projects thrives. Simone says they have the high calibre of their contractors to thank for that.

A growing profile

Splice Projects’ commitment to their values has not gone unnoticed by the industry. In 2012, the company was the winner of three categories in the HIA GreenSmart Awards, and was a finalist in two others. They also received a Bankwest Master Builders Certificate of Merit in Energy Efficiency.

The awards – which include regional nods for Transportable Home, Spec Home, and national recognition for Spec Home of the Year – were all given for Twilight Brae, the company’s prefabricated home. Twilight Brae includes a high performing passive-solar design that is highly durable, and also incorporates low toxic materials. The home is naturally lit, heated and cooled and is self-sufficient through solar panels and rain water collection.

“It’s incredible,” Simone says of the award recognition. “We couldn’t put a value on the exposure we’ve had through winning those awards – and it’s always nice to be recognised for the hard work you’ve put in.”

Moving forward, Simone says they hope to win more of those awards, but that kind of thing will never dominate their focus. They’ve achieved success so far on the back of their values, she says, so their most important consideration will be to continue striving to live up to those.

“What we would really like to do is lift our profile in sustainable construction,” she explains.

At the moment, most of sustainable construction is in private residences, but Simone says she hopes to see the movement gain a greater foothold in the commercial arena. When it does, she sees Splice Projects leading in that field.