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S&L Steel
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S&L Steel
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A legacy of steel

S&L Steel
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S&L Steel is a provider of steel fabrication services to the construction and mining sectors across Australia. They’ve been in the business of steel for over 40 years, and have established themselves as industry leaders in the utilization of steel in fabrication, engineering, and erection services.

The company was founded in 1974 by the directors Jaime Lorenzo and Luis Santos, who have honed their expertise over the years. Under their leadership, S&L Steel has grown to become one of the largest fabrication and engineering companies in New South Wales, and a well-known and trusted name in the Australian industrial sector. Their works have included many iconic infrastructure symbols of national significance such as Sydney’s Macquarie Bank Building, recent Harbour Bridge Upgrades, and Olympic Softball Stadium. S&L has also completed Vimiera Road in Marsfield, Devlin Street in Top Ryde, Falcon Street in North Sydney, and Bathurst Street Darling Harbour Bridges in Sydney.

Rajesh Sharma is the Business Development Manager at S&L. When asked what sets the company apart, he said, “The main thing is our quality, unrivaled service & timely delivery. We have an absolute commitment to quality and workmanship. All the things we produce are quality products, whether large or small.”

Regardless of whether a client is building a bridge, dust collectors, sewage systems, pressure vessels, mining facilities, or recycling plants, Rajesh promises that S&L Steel will make it their mission to deliver a quality product with integrity.

Scope and diversity

S&L Steel is also set apart by their facilities – which are expansive, utilize modern equipment, and are staffed by a highly skilled team of qualified tradesmen.

Handling at S&L is facilitated by 18 overhead cranes in the two bays. The Fabrication bay continues to blasting, painting and then on to the loading yard all serviced by these overhead cranes with 10M height under the hook. To supplement the overhead cranes, they possess 27 Column Mounted flag hoists with one ton capacity located throughout the workshop. The fabrication, Blasting Painting and loading bays have a 120 tons lifting capacity through out for heavy lifts & materials handling. In addition, there is also a 50 tonne jinker, a 50 tonne Tadano mobile crane and a 20 tonne mobile Franna to help move items around the yard.

S&L Steel also has a modern blasting and painting shop, which has been successfully operating for several years. The shop is staffed by a number of qualified tradesmen, all dedicated workers that are passionate about their craft. Along with the co-operation and supervision of painting suppliers such as Dulux & Akzo Nobel, and the utilization of high end equipment, S&L has delivered many high profile painting services with extended warranties.

When the company was founded, Rajesh says they initially worked as subcontractors “doing small fabrication work within power stations and refineries.”

“Now the business is grown in scope of work and diversity of projects,” he says. “We have a number of teams working within the workshop and also a number of teams completing site erection work managed by our great team of project managers and site foremen.”

S&L started with only two welders – founders Jaime Lorenzo and Luis Santos. As the business has grown, Jaime and Luis have used their industry experience to hire and train expert welders, and have paired those experts with the best equipment possible in order to give their customers the highest quality welds in the market.

A proven provider

S&L works all throughout Australia, with many of their largest projects located in New South Wales. Their jobs are usually valued at $5 to 50 million. Rajesh says the company has the capability and skills to take on all manners of projects – their only limits are the tight and overlapping delivery schedules of projects.

“We work all throughout New South Wales, where we are quite competitive,” he continues. “Beyond New South Wales, our main challenges are transport costs. But we’re more than capable. We have delivered projects in Western Australia, and we’ve even done some projects for offshore. If the complexity of the job is high enough for us to be competitive, then we can work for all regions or offshore.”

When considering the future of S&L, Rajesh says, “Our strategy is to grow, retain our longstanding and experienced staff and continually improve our service and offer value added solutions to our clients.”

“There are plenty of projects in the pipeline,” he adds. “A few large mining and building projects are coming up and we are trying to see if we can keep them local. If so, then we can create some real community jobs and opportunities especially for our new apprentice who recently joined our team.”

S&L Steel is also updating their machinery to remain competitive and attract larger projects. Rajesh also said that the family ownership will continue – the sons of the founding Directors have been involved in the business for ten years now, and will soon transition into being Directors themselves. Their strategy, Rajesh concludes, will be to continue the company’s legacy in the world of steel and continue to deliver timely, high quality, cost-saving solutions to satisfied clients for years to come.

For more information on S&L Steel, their capabilities, and their key projects, you can visit their website at www.slsteel.com.au