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A promise of quality

Signature Developments
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Signature Developments is a property developer dedicated to delivering successful projects at all price points. Their portfolio includes jobs all sizes and styles, from affordable living to the most luxurious of homes. Their team is vibrant and experienced, and is fully committed to delivering every project with award-winning style, service, and quality.

“We supply confidence to our clients,” says Scott Salisbury, Managing Director of Signature Developments, and founder of the larger Scott Salisbury Group. “We’ve been around for a long time, and we’ve become one of Adelaide’s most popular brands for housing.”

“We deliver everything we say we’ll deliver,” he adds. “And we deliver it on time and on budget, every time.”

Scott started his career in the industry as a carpenter. After working a number of years in that field, he formed a building company with a friend. They started out building verandas and pergolas, and eventually evolved into doing additions and renovations. Later, Scott struck out on his own, working from a home office and progressing through the building industry into the new home market. In the early 1990s, he moved to a real office and hired his first employee – who still works with him today.

“The Scott Salisbury Group really started at the beginning of the construction industry,” says Scott. “Over time, we’ve built everything from pergolas to apartment buildings. It’s been a long and varied journey.”

Today, the Scott Salisbury Group consists of four distinct brands that are “linked by a common culture of professionalism, quality, and service,” says Scott.

With Scott Salisbury Homes, the Group handles custom new homes and renovations. With Area Construction, they tackle commercial, industrial and medium density residential buildings. Their design division is called The Studio, and acts as a wellspring of innovative ideas for new homes and renovations.

Finally, Signature Developments is the Group’s development arm. Over the last 20 years, they have delivered a variety of projects in South Australia – from two-dwelling residential buildings to hotels, marinas, multi-storey apartment buildings, retirement villages, and commercial premises.

A complete service

Signature Developments can provide a complete project management service for their clients, from inception all the way to completion. They have both construction management and design management capabilities, and they are supported by the other arms of the Scott Salisbury Group. According to Scott himself, that depth of capabilities is what sets the company apart in the market.

Scott says that by combining the skills of the different brands in the Scott Salisbury Group, Signature Developments can control project outcomes and construction timetables. They can deliver cost-effective products across the “full spectrum of property development projects.”

“We’ve got a fantastic brand here in South Australia,” Scott says, of both Signature Developments and the Group as a whole. “We’re known for delivering high quality projects that our clients love, and that resell for a high value.”

Scott says achieving that level of quality also requires strong partnerships with skilled subcontractors and reliable suppliers. At Signature Developments, he says they definitely have those. He says that many of their tradespeople and suppliers have worked with the company since its inception, or close to it.

“We’re a business that has a culture of working together,” he explains. “So we have strong alliances all around – with our clients, our suppliers, and our tradesmen. And we’ve had those relationships for decades. Those relationships give us the confidence that we’ll end up with a good product at the end of the day.”

Industry recognised

Signature Developments’ dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed by the industry. At the 2012 UDIA Awards for Excellence, for example, the company was rewarded in four separate categories – Medium Density Housing (up to five storeys); Residential Development (less than 50 lots); Urban Renewal; and Environmental Excellence.

“We think that’s very valuable,” Scott says of the industry recognition. “We use that in our branding and our marketing, which means we’re making a promise to future clients. To live up that promise, we’re forced to deliver more projects to the same award-winning quality.”

In 2012, the company won the Urban Renewal and Environmental Excellence awards for their Urbane at Brompton project. According to Scott, that project has become a “signature development for the area.” It was developed on a formerly contaminated site, and comprises 47 dwellings – a mix of townhouses, single-storey homes, and apartments in a three-storey block. The judges examined it roughly 12 months after completion, and found no defects.

The Medium Density Housing award was won by Signature’s Urbane on Leicester project. That projects which is comprised 12 houses in a regenerated area of Kilburn. Scott says those homes are all “excellent examples of our renowned quality, delivered at an affordable price.”

In general, Scott credits the company’s consistent award recognition to the attitude they start every project with. “Every time we design a development, we design it as if we’re going to live in it,” he says. “We ask ourselves what the best features available are, and what we would want if we were the customers.”

“It’s not about designing a plan quickly that meets all the minimum requirements,” he adds. “It’s about designing something that works really well for the people that live there.”

Quality above all

Moving forward, the goal for Signature Developments is to simply continue producing award-worthy projects for Adelaide and the surrounding areas. Ever since their inception, the company has valued quality above all else – and Scott doesn’t see that changing.

“We live and breathe construction, and we’re leaders in design,” he says. “I really like to drive past developments and see that they still stands out – that it still looks great, and that it’s not cracking or falling apart. I want to be proud of everything I do, and I can say that I am – from the smallest project to the largest one.”

Currently, Signature Developments is involved in a 150-lot subdivision in the city, and have recently tendered on another project of a similar size. According to Scott, jobs of that scope are “the company’s future.” He also wants to get more involved in multi-purpose developments, which combine commercial and housing units.

Scott re-iterates, however, that quality will continue to be the company’s overriding concern – because that’s what customers want.

“At the end of the day, we’re a customer service based business,” he concludes. “We’re focused on the customer’s outcomes, and not so much on our own. That comes from the culture of the group. We’d love for Signature Developments to be a much larger company in five years’ time, and as long as keep putting the customers first, I think we’ll get there.”

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