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Shadforth Lythgo
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Satisfying customers

Shadforth Lythgo
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Shadforth Lythgo has been building architecturally-designed homes on the Sunshine Coast for more than 15 years. From the start, they have been committed to providing customers with high levels of care, understanding, and professionalism.

“We achieve quality homes that exceed expectations,” says Tony Shadforth, Director of the company.  “We measure our success through our client’s satisfaction.”

Shadforth Lythgo has been focusing on their customers ever since 1994, when the business was established by Tony and his partner Dean Lythgo. Both of them bring more than 25 years of experience to their roles – and that experience is reflected in their quality workmanship.

Tony and Dean first met when they were both apprentice carpenters, working for a Caloundra-based building company. They went on to travel across Queensland together, building homes, offices and renovations across the state. When the builder they were working for closed their doors, the duo struck out on their own and formed Shadforth Lythgo. The business has been going strong ever since.

Honest and open

Today, Shadforth Lythgo works primarily throughout the Sunshine Coast – but they have also ventured beyond that for some clients. The majority of their projects are high-end residential homes along with some commercial projects.

No matter what kind of project they are taking on, however, Shadforth Lythgo delivers a “good quality product, delivered on time.” Tony says that consistency and reliability is one of the many reasons they are their client’s first choice when it comes to deciding on a builder.

Another point of difference, Tony adds, is their exceptional customer service – which starts at the pre-design stage of a project, and continues all the way through to completion and handover. Throughout that process, Tony and Dean offer clients “a high level of professional support,” as well as “attention to detail that leaves nothing to chance.”

“We make sure that building with us is an enjoyable experience,” Tony says.

Tony oversees customer service personally. He’s the first point of contact for customers, and he manages their project from start to finish – while maintaining regular communication throughout. Dean, meanwhile, runs the day-to-day work on-site, with his primary role being to ensure the consistency and delivery of a quality finished product. Together, the two partners deliver a result that more than meets the client’s needs.

Throughout the entire process, Tony and Dean do business “honestly and openly,” Tony adds. He says that’s been the strongest driver of their success so far.

“The more honest you are, and the more open you are, the more comfortable the client feels,” he explains. “That helps them understand that we’re there for the project, and not ourselves. And that’s what it’s all about for us – caring about the project, and giving the client what they want.”

“At the end of the day, we want what the client wants,” he says. “If the client’s happy, we’ve done our job.”

Shadforth Lythgo’s honest and ethical approach has paid off in the form of repeat clients and word of mouth. It has also helped them develop a lot of mutual respect with consultants, who will often bring projects their way – because they know they can deliver.

Industry recognised

Shadforth Lythgo’s quality work has not only been rewarded by repeat customers and word of mouth – it has also earned them the attention of the industry at large. As the 2013 MBA Awards for the Sunshine Coast, for example, the team at Shadforth Lythgo was honoured to receive the accolade for Individual Home $2 million to $4 million.

“It’s really important to have some history within your company,” Tony says. “It’s easy to fly under the radar, and then people don’t understand who you are and what you can do. And winning awards like that is great way to build history.”

“It shows customers that you have the right ability,” he adds. “They see that and it gives them confidence.”

Tony credits the company’s award-worthy quality to their experience and their confidence. He says both aspects are necessary for their success. Their confidence is what gives them the willingness to try new things, and take on new challenges – while their experience is what enables them to overcome those challenges, and deliver high quality results every time.

When it comes to their 2013 award in particular, Tony also credits his company’s capacity for innovation. He says the winning project was “a little bit different,” included a lot of attention, and incorporated a wide array of top-end finishes.

Strong and constant growth

“We build less, so we can build yours best,” says Tony, reciting the company’s mantra.

Moving forward, he says that’s a philosophy Shadforth Lythgo will continue to abide by. As it stands, customers like the fact that they get to deal with the owners of the company directly. That personal contact is something that Tony and Dean are very conscious of maintaining. Their ability to understand and accommodate client’s needs is what has made them successful so far, and they never want to lose that.

At the same time, however, Tony and Dean do aim to grow the business. However, they want to grow slowly and sustainably, and never at the expense of their clients or their quality.

“We don’t want to double over night,” Tony says. “We just want strong, constant growth.”

“We’re a strong, family-driven company that’s been on the Coast for many years,” he concludes. “We have built a strong reputation for honesty and approachability, and our most important goal is building on that. We want to keep a good name on the Coast, and deal and meet as many wonderful people as possible.”

For more information, please visit their website at:   Shadforth Lythgo

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