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Seacrest Homes
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Seacrest Homes
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Seacrest Homes
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Based in Perth, Seacrest Homes is a family-home builder with a service that is second to none. The Seacrest family is made up of an experienced and dedicated team who strive and succeed in making every dream home a reality. Seacrest Homes was founded in 1997 by three brothers with a vision to create a company that would build some of Perth’s best and most luxurious homes. Throughout their history they‘ve succeeded in making their goal a reality. They’ve set benchmarks for design, service, finish and expectation.

“Our goal is to provide an exceptional service that’s evident to the client in the work we’re putting out,” says Designer and Marketing Manager Peter Musuruca.

Unique design
What draws clients to Seacrest Homes is their unique design and innovative styles, which differentiates the company from other builders. All of the homes and their finishings are of high quality, something the company takes great pride in. “Our design work is easily above and beyond the work of the people we’re in competition with,” Musuruca says. Every Seacrest home is custom-made, so every project starts from scratch. “We put a lot of work into building homes that meet people’s high expectations,” he says. “Each time we meet a new client, we aim to build a home just for them.”

Seacrest Homes has four display homes – The Seville, Swan View, The Carnac and The Como – which they show off to potential clients to give them an idea of what they can do. Each display has a design that will “probably never” be repeated again, Musuruca says, but elements of it will be considered for other designs for clients. “They can pick what they like out of that and we can incorporate that in their home to achieve the dreams they have.”
As a result of striving for greatness, many of Seacrest Homes’ projects have been recognized and awarded for their outstanding designs. The industry recognition is important and valued highly, and Since Musuruca has been involved, he has helped the organisation garner more awards. “We’re always taking one or two awards hopefully every year that we’re able to showcase one of our products,” he says. “When we do put up a house for an award, it means something.”

The company’s approach to client service is as exceptional as their designs. They take extraordinary care of their customers, going out of their way to satisfy everyone from start to finish. To ensure that standard of service is met, Musuruca involves himself very closely in all of the company’s projects. He makes sure that the company discusses all project details with their customers to ensure expectations are fully met.

Exceeding the customers’ needs has resulted in repeat business. A significant number of clients return to Seacrest Home for a second and third time, and even more refer their friends and family to the company. “Everything we do is for the customer,” Musuruca says. “We try to keep them as happy as we can because more customers come to you by referrals than picking them up in display homes.”

A cohesive unit
At Seacrest Homes, they employ approximately 12 staff members. According to Musuruca, the company has the same approach to the employee-company relationship as they do to the relationship with their clients – they take care of them as much as possible. In return, everyone in the Seacrest organisation works as a cohesive unit to deliver unparalleled service and quality for the clients.

Relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers are also built on mutual respect and care. Seacrest Homes recognises that they need their help to achieve the finishes and quality they strive for, and treat them accordingly. As a result, some of their contractors have been with them for 15 years or more. “Our relationships with our contractors are quite strong,” Musuruca says. “When they work with us, they know the level we want to be at.”

Exceeding expectations
Seacrest Homes currently has a dozen projects underway, which is par for the course as far as their average output is concerned. Anywhere from 12 to 24 homes are being worked on at one time, depending on the amount of inquiries they receive from interested buyers. Currently, they average around 15 homes a year.

The price range for those homes typically lands around $1 million. Going forward, Musuruca says their goal is to expand their output to 20 homes a year at that price. At that size, everyone involved in the business would be “very happy,” he says. “It all comes back to how big your staff is and how much you can handle in one year.”

Looking ahead longer term, the organisation wants to remain well-known in the exclusive home market and continue building high quality homes for clients. They do want to grow, but only to an extent where they can handle the jobs. “We’ve got a fine balance at the moment where we can handle everything,” he says. “We try to give people a dream home to exceed their expectations, and that’s what we’re doing.