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Building trust

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The Robilliards have lived and had business interests in Noosa for more than 30 years. The company team, brought together by the owners Steven and Carolyn Robilliard, is composed of numerous trusted specialists and artisans. All of them know the Noosa area quite well, and share in the company’s dedication to precision and quality – “near enough is never good enough,” according to Steven.

“I’ve been in the building trade for over 30 years,” he says. “I did my apprenticeship down in Victoria, then worked all around the country on all different types of projects and with all sorts of bosses, learning what employers expect and refining my trade. So I cut my teeth doing that.”

“I registered myself as a builder in the mid-90s,” he continues. “It was just my wife and myself starting our own building business in Southwest Victoria. We obviously started off small, it was just us, and as we built buildings we also built up our company.”

In the mid-2000s, Steven and Carolyn moved back to Noosa, and found that the clientele had changed in their time away. At that point, they studied the needs of the new market, and “fine-tuned what sort of building projects we wanted to focus on.”

“We also started working on sorting out all the contractors, and picking the ones we thought most suited to working with us and vice versa,” Steven adds. “That was a great move, since there was a lot of different trades in the new era. We sat back and handpicked the trades we wanted, and that has definitely paid off for us in the long run.”

Building trust                                                  

Today, Robilliard’s work mostly takes place in Noosa. “For the last five years, we haven’t moved in a bigger radius than probably five kilometres, and we’ve still been really busy,” explains Steven. “We’ve just been very fortunate – it’s great not having to do that and add traveling expenses to the budget.”

“That being said, while we like being local-focused, you’ve also got to chase the climate as well,” he adds. “If a worthwhile job takes us to a different area, we’re willing to do it – we can pretty much work anywhere if it’s called for.”

The actual work done by Robilliard varies widely. The company has been known to take on everything from small renovations to new upmarket homes.

“We’ll do anything from a $200 job to the kind of house we just finished, which was over $4 million,” Steven says. “We do commercial work, body corporate maintenance, general maintenance, whatever the client wants.”

No matter what kind of project they are undertaking, Steven says Robilliard is set apart by their relationships with clients.

“Trust certainly makes a difference,” he says. “A lot of people with property in Noosa actually live out of town, and as a result they tend to feel vulnerable. So we do pride ourselves on looking after people and giving them a service that they can learn to trust. We want clients to feel comfortable saying ‘Steve, we’ve got an issue here, can you look at this and organize it for us?’ or ‘We’ve had this problem here, can you oversee it to make sure it’s being done correctly?’”

Over the years, Robilliard has built that high level of trust with a number of clients. Virtually all of them are happy to write testimonials, or to refer their friends and family.

“We’ve actually seen since we started, about six or seven years ago, we’ve gone from having very few comments to quite a lot from people,” Steven says. “It’s clear that once you build that trust up, you earn a very solid reputation, regardless of the actual distance from your clients.”

Industry recognised

Robilliard builds more than trust – they also build high quality homes. That fact has not gone unnoticed by the industry. Most recently, at the 2013 MBA Awards, the company won the prestigious accolades for Sunshine Coast House of the Year and Individual Home over $4 million. Both wins were on behalf of the company’s amazing work on the Wesley Court estate.

“We really value the MBA’s recognition,” says Steven. “While building, we don’t think ‘Oh yeah, I bet if we do this then we’ll win an award.’ It’s just work. But at the end of the job, when we’re told we should enter this into the MBA – and then actually win – we get a great feeling. It certainly does mean a lot to us, really and truly.”

Steven credits the company’s award-winning result at Wesley Court to the skill of his subcontractors, all of whom he says did “a fantastic job.”  He says they achieved an amazing finish, and that’s what grabbed the MBA’s attention.

“We’re all really happy to have that build completed,” he adds. “It was difficult and complex, and it’s great to have a finished product that proves we can overcome those challenges and deliver a great result. Reaching the end of that project was a reward in itself.”

Moving forward, Steven says his aim is to keep delivering award-worthy projects like that one. As for growth, he says it’s on their agenda – but they will be cautious about it, and make sure they have the resources in place to support that growth.

“We want to grow but without diluting ourselves and our product in the process,” he says. “We want to look over the market and figure out the right areas to expand in, and figure out when the right time to expand will be. For now we’re really just going to keep building better homes and watching the economic climate.”

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