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Poly-Tech Industrial Services
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Poly-Tech Industrial Services
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Protecting the future

Poly Tech
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For almost 30 years, Poly-Tech Industrial Services has provided Australian companies with the processes and technology to protect their investments. The company was established in 1984 to provide practical solutions for the repair and protection of concrete floors against the corrosive effects associated with all forms of industry – from mining and automotive engineering through to retail, food processing and manufacturing.

Since that time, Poly-Tech has completed It is safe to say projects they completed back in 1984 are still standing thanks to their ability to protect concrete from the wear of time. With offices in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, Poly-Tech Industrial Services is able to service regional Australia, as well as many of the metropolitan areas.

The company was founded by Steve Church, who began his career as a commercial painter. Eventually, Church decided he wanted to specialise in “more advanced chemistry, such as the plastic resins that at the time were just coming onto the market.”

“His first work was in the winery industry in South Australia,” recalls Sam O’Neill, Business Development Manager at Poly-Tech Industrial Services. “He built his name with all the major wineries in Barossa, and from there he was able to build up an expertise in all kinds of protective coatings.”

Today, Poly-Tech’s customers are a combination of buildings, project managers, business owners, maintenance managers and engineers. According to O’Neill, Poly-Tech deals with anyone in a management position that wants to protect their physical assets from the corrosive effects of industry on concrete and steel.

Poly-Tech has steadily grown and evolved since their inception, and has now earned a reputation as a leader in their field. O’Neill credits that success to the varied application of their technology.

“Any areas that can be exposed to acid attack, weather, abrasion – or even areas that become slippery, which is a health and safety issue – we have a solution or process,” he says. “There are flaws everywhere, gravity insures that, and we have a system for every scenario.”

These solutions include industrial resin based flooring, non-slip surface solutions, acid, chemical, abrasion & thermal resistant coatings, structural waterproofing systems, and concrete remediation & repair.

The Poly-Tech difference

Poly-Tech Industrial Services has over 30 years of experience, and employs the largest network of applicators in Australia. Those qualities allow them to mobilise projects quickly and efficiently, ensure quality, and deliver on budget and on time – which sets the company apart in the market.

The company is also set apart by their man power, O’Neill adds – because if a project is threatened with the delays, they can bring in the right people to get it back up to speed. Their large network also means that Poly-Tech is not dependant on any one supplier for all of their needs this gives them a certain amount of internal freedom if one or more supplier is facing a shortage.

“Poly-Tech’s supplier network is vital to ensure fit for purpose systems,” O’Neill explains. “As we are independent applicators, the advances these leading resin manufacturers make each year are passed down to our employees and clients resulting in robust and long term concrete protection.”

“Getting piece of mind for the client is what we aim for every time,” he adds. “We don’t sell anything. We offer solutions to problems. We constantly educate through email communications, forums, exhibitions and even videos about our experiences along the way.”

O’Neill says that in this way every new problem is really a new opportunity for Poly-Tech, and they do not keep their solutions a secret. “We share our knowledge, which can be used by people who could find themselves in the same position. We are a learning organisation, and not just internally, but outwardly to our clients as well.”

Doing it right the first time

Poly-Tech is dedicated to forming positive relationships with their clients, and that effort does not go unrewarded. According to O’Neill, the company does most of its advertising the old-fashioned way – with great word of mouth. “If we maintain a high level of quality, workmanship and value, we will continue to get new clients who are coming directly to us,” he says.

As O’Neill has said, the corporate culture is one of learning, and for employees that learning never ends. “At the beginning, every employee at Poly-Tech is given a myriad of resin based systems to work with from a number of leading product manufactures. This breadth of system knowledge offers excellent value to our employees in terms of their ongoing learning experience and educational journey.”

“Once competent with our systems, they are offered a further platform to which they can choose what products they want to master,” O’Neill continues. “Once their craft is perfected they become product champions and are propelled in to team leadership roles and project management positions. We want them to feel like champions and to be propelled into leadership roles.”

O’Neill reiterates that when it comes to improving and perfecting their craft, Poly-Tech considers it a never ending process. He believes that the skills they engender in their employees have been absolutely critical in the success of the company over their 30-year life span. He also says it has motivated their team to make sure any issues that arise on job sites are quickly resolved, and treated as learning opportunities. The company’s philosophy, he says, is one of “training not blaming.”

For the future, Poly-Tech Industrial Services plans on targeting large scale infrastructure projects that may need robust waterproofing systems. This list includes utility companies and other areas where concrete degradation could be an issue. By looking at these municipal and national projects, Poly-Tech is guaranteeing themselves a good pipeline of work down the road.

“We want to “We want to establish nationally a tried and trusted Concrete Repair & Structural waterproofing division,” O’Neill concludes. “And we want to maintain our position as Australia’s largest independent applicators of resin based flooring systems.”

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