Pindan – Industry honoured, client focused
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Pindan – Industry honoured, client focused
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Pindan is a wholly owned West Australian company committed to working with clients to create success in the building and property industry. In more than 35 years of business, they have consistently worked closely with customers to create exceptional construction outcomes and sound property investment opportunities. As a result of their continued success, Pindan has grown and evolved into one of the leading property and construction companies in the state – and has accumulated a long list of awards to show for it.

Founded by Managing Director George Allingame in 1977, Pindan has been forging strong relationships with clients, employees and subcontractors since the very start. Originally, the company was a part of the Armstrong Jones Property Group, which built caravan parks, houses and small offices. In 1981, Allingame and four others bought out the owners. After a period of time, current owners Allingame and David Pringle bought out the others and have gone on to evolve Pindan into a truly integrated property group.

Today, the company consists of a number of divisions that handle large commercial projects in all sectors, from concept development through to completion.

In addition to having large scale commercial construction capabilities, Pindan also does remote and regional construction through Pindan Contracting, which was founded in 2006, as well as individual, project homes through Switch Homes for Living, which was founded in 2009.

Between the many divisions, Pindan has a yearly turnover of approximately $500 million. They are consistently ranked as one of the top five largest commercial construction companies in Perth, as well as the one of the top 10 largest multi-unit builders nationally.

Building on partnerships

Pindan’s motto is ‘Building on Partnerships,’ and they do that in every aspect of their business. With clients, they provide exceptional service and specialist advice with the goal of establishing and maintaining lasting relationships. They earn their client’s trust and respect by communicating openly and honestly, and operating with integrity. “We exist to find the best solution for our clients’ needs,” Allingame says. “They are the primary focus of all we do.”

Pindan also values their relationships with their own team internally – many of whom have been with the company for over 10 years. Pindan employs over 300 full-time staff spread across Perth, the South West and regional and remote Western Australia, and aims to inspire each and every employee to reach their full potential. They provide a “stimulating environment,” Allingame says, where everybody is working towards a common purpose and people are rewarded for positive results.

One of the other main reasons people enjoy working with Pindan is they know the company is committed to their safety. “We spend a lot of time and a lot of money on safety,” says Allingame. “We believe we need to maintain and, if possible, improve safety on all of our sites.”

“Our people are our greatest strength,” he adds. “Their energy, enthusiasm and commitment are the building blocks of our company and the foundation of its success.”

That sentiment also applies to the company’s partnerships with their subcontractors and suppliers. As with their clients, Pindan strives to be honest and transparent in all dealings with those partners. With every job, they seek to deliver the greatest possible outcome for everybody involved.

“We try and support the subcontractors that support us,” Allingame says. “We have a pretty good group of people that trust us, we trust them, and they deliver exceptional results for us.”

According to Allingame, Pindan judges a project to be successful when they have exceeded their client’s expectations, and when their employees feel proud of the positive results they have delivered.

The other significant relationships Pindan values is the ones they have with the communities in which they work. To help foster those relationships, the company is always endeavouring to help those in need through charitable partnerships, as well as by donating their services and holding fundraising initiatives. They are also dedicated to the environment their communities live in. With every division of the company, Pindan operates in an environmentally responsible way, minimising waste and reducing immediate and long term stress on the environment wherever possible.

“It’s important to create a sustainable future,” Allingame says. “That’s certainly a passion of ours. We believe in pursuing ‘green’ design concepts, construction processes and recycling initiatives that respect Western Australia’s natural environment. Where we can implement those, we do.”

Pindan’s commitment to the environment is most evident in their recycling programme. The company recycles sand, concrete, packaging and steel. Over 80 per cent of building waste is recycled on their metropolitan sites, and Allingame says that percentage continues to grow. In 2009, Pindan was recognised by the UDIA with an award in the category of Environmental Excellence, for their work on the Islands Apartments in South Beach. Allingame says that award reinforced their commitment to work with like-minded developers on sustainable projects.

Recognising quality

The UDIA Environmental Excellence award is far from Pindan’s only industry accolade. In their many years doing business, Pindan has become one of Western Australia’s most awarded property companies, and has attracted a growing list of awards that honour their work in areas including sustainability, construction and design.

In the last eight years alone, for example, Pindan has been recognised seven times by MBA WA for Best Multi-Unit Dwelling. In the last five years, they have been honoured with three state awards for Best Aged Care Facility, and in the last four years they have been twice credited with Best Commercial Alteration. Even more, Pindan has won the prestigious Master Builders Association Overall Winner award.

Most recently, Pindan was recognised with three MBA WA Excellence in Construction awards, one of which was for Best Public Use Building. That award was given to The RISE multi-purpose facility, which Pindan constructed for the City of Bayswater.

Even more, the HIA – in their annual Housing 100 report for 2011/12 – ranked Pindan as the number 1 “Biggest Mover” of the year. In the 2011/12 year, they were able to increase their starts by an incredible 434 homes, which constitutes a 63 per cent increase. They also advanced from rank 28 on the Housing 100’s list of Australia’s largest builders all the way up to rank 11.

Those types of designations and awards – and the many others they have received – have helped to cement Pindan’s position as one of Western Australia’s preferred construction companies. They reflect the company’s expertise, particularly when it comes to the building of high-end apartments and luxury aged care developments, as well as the high quality of their finishes. At the time same, however, Allingame clarifies that award recognition is “not the be-all, end-all.”

“At the end of the day, it’s the service and advice you give to clients that really matters,” he says.

In it for the long haul

Due to Pindan’s size and range of capabilities, their projects today include everything from a single home to projects valued at $100 million – and currently, Allingame says, they are involved in a couple of joint ventures on projects even bigger than that.

Recently, the company completed a block of luxury apartments in Leighton Beach, Perth. That design and construct project, called ‘The Leighton,’ was constructed for joint venture clients Brookfield Multiplex and Rockingham Park and was valued at $60 million. It was completed on schedule, and on budget – a testament to the strong relationship Pindan forged with their partners, and the professionalism of their staff and contractors.

Scott Davidson, Pindan’s Director of Business Development, said in a statement put out by the company that The Leighton is a first-class development. “It’s one that we’re very proud to have been a part of,” he said, “and to have been given the opportunity to work alongside Brookfield Multiplex from the very beginning of the project to achieve this fantastic result for everybody involved.”

Currently, Pindan is also the preferred tenderer with contracting company John Holland, and are set to start work on a prison in Kalgoorlie – a project valued at $200 million.

Moving forward, Allingame says that Pindan will continue to pursue those types of landmark projects through joint ventures, and are excited about putting their stamp across more of Western Australia. “We have the capabilities and the personnel to build those projects, so there will be more and more opportunities for us there,” he says.

Through their contracting division, Pindan has also entered the mining, oil and gas sectors, and Allingame says that they are also keen on adding to their involvement in those fields.

“Generally, we’re going to progress from where we are,” he says. “We’re going to gradually grow the turnover and we’re going to maintain our staff – and by increasing the size of our jobs, that creates more opportunities for our staff. We’re in this for the long haul.”