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Consistent quality

Peter Curley
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Peter Curley Constructions has more than 18 years’ experience building award-winning custom built homes on the SunshineCoast. In that time, they have earned an enviable reputation in the region for their outstanding quality and personalised service.

“We’re committed to doing business honestly, and we’re consistent in our quality and attention to detail,” says Peter Curley, proprietor and manager. “We want to give clients a stress free and rewarding building experience, and want to achieve an outstanding result every time.”

Peter has been in the construction industry for more than 30 years. He started his career with his father’s building company in Charleville, a rural area of Queensland. After finishing his apprenticeship, he travelled around the country, earning experience in a variety of locales before settling on the SunshineCoast, where his business is based.

Dedicated to clients

Today, the majority of Peter Curley Constructions’ work takes place in and around the Noosa region on the SunshineCoast. Most of the projects are architecturally designed homes and small unit developments, renovations and rejuvenations of existing homes.

No matter which project they are taking on, however, Peter Curley Constructions is set apart by the personal dedication of Peter Curley.

“I’m a very hands-on builder,” Peter explains. “I work on the sites every day, and I’m there when the client needs me to be. If they pop on to a site during the course of the day, nine times out of 10 they’ll find me there working – and if they need to see me for some other reason, I’m there to meet them.”

 “I work with clients very closely,” he says.

Peter’s commitment to personalised service has been rewarded with many accolades from clients and the industry at large. With clients, that recognition is in the form of testimonials and word of mouth. With the industry, the recognition takes shape in awards received from bodies such as the MBA and HIA.

“A lot of our work is from word of mouth, from past clients who’ve referred us to their friends and family. And if a new client wants to speak with them to ask about their experience, they are happy to do it and happy to recommend us.”

Peter credits that client loyalty to consistency of quality. He says they are not interested in being a builder that’s popular for a couple years and then fades away. They are in it for the long haul, and they strive to make sure their work always reflects that.

Industry recognised

As Peter mentioned, Peter Curley Constructions has consistently won industry accolades from both the HIA and MBA. Since 1999, they have won almost two dozen awards from the two organisations in a variety of categories. Most recently, at the 2013 MBA Awards, they took home the prize for Excellence in Sustainable Living.

“Being recognised by your peers gives you a sense of accomplishment,” Peter says. “It’s particularly good recognition for the team and the hard work they put in.”

“Clients value it too,” he adds. “They look at our website and they see the awards we’ve won, and it gives them a level of confidence. They know that we’re producing quality projects on a consistent basis over a number of years.”

“If a client’s looking at two different builders, and one of them has won awards on a consistent basis and the other hasn’t, then the choice becomes easier.”

Peter says he particularly values the award they won this year, for Excellence in Sustainable Living. The winning project was built with the express purpose of creating as little effect on the surrounding community and its natural resources as possible. More and more clients are adopting those kinds of ideals, and Peter predicts that doing that particular project – and winning that award – has put the company in good stead when it comes to similar projects in the future.

“I hate waste, and it annoys the hell out of me when materials are used irresponsibly and thrown away,” he says. “From storage onsite to disposal offsite, I’ve always thought that was an area that we needed to pay more attention to. So I was proud to be involved in a project like that one, and proud to be recognised for it.”

Peter goes on to credit that award victory – and all their previous victories as well – to the high calibre of his exceptional team. He says he’s been working with most of them for 10 years or longer, and he describes them all as “first class.”

 “My subcontractors, suppliers and staff have all been with me for many years,” he says. “Everybody understands what’s required, and I know everyone is capable of delivering it. I know when I ask for a job to be done a certain way that it will be. I know that the end result is going to be what I want.”

“I can rely on the competency of my tradesmen,” he says, summing up. “And that’s why we win awards.”

Staying focused

For many years now, Peter Curley Constructions has limited the projects they take on which allows them to devote their full attention and effort to every home they build. Moving forward, Peter aims to continue abiding by that philosophy.

“It’d be easy to take on a lot more work,” he says. “But to provide the quality and the result that we like to achieve, we have to make the decision to stay focused.”

“I will continue to be inspired by innovative design and construction techniques,” he concludes. “I enjoy the challenge and diversity each new project brings.”

“It is very rewarding to be able to contribute and be a part of turning each client’s visions into reality.”

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