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Based in Townsville, Parsons Constructions is a multi-award winning homebuilder that works hard to achieve the best results for their clients. According to founder and owner Chris Parsons, the company offers the complete customer service package – which includes personal attention during all phases of the building process, professional and experienced advice, quality workmanship, and attention to detail.

“We pride ourselves on being a hands-on builder,” Chris says. “I’m on site nearly every day, dealing with the client and any issues or questions they have. I’ve got my finger on the pulse on every job.”

Commitment to customer service has been an essential part of Parsons Constructions ever since 2003. That was when the company was founded by Chris and his wife Rebecca – a couple with decades of industry experience between them.

For his part, Chris has been working in the construction industry since he left school. He began his career as a contract carpenter, but always had his sights set on starting a family-owned business.

“We started out by doing a few of our own homes, and selling those,” recalls Rebecca, who co-owns the company. “We saw there was a niche market we could target, and that gave us the confidence to really buckle down and build a business.”

Today, Parsons Constructions specialises in custom-built homes on difficult sites – including ones that are sloping, or oddly-shaped. Where other builders in Townsville tend to resist taking on those types of projects, Chris and Rebecca thrive on them.

“Our reputation has grown year-by-year as a result,” Chris says. “The longer we’re in the industry, the better our name becomes.”

Building relationships

Since forming Parsons Constructions, Chris and Rebecca have been personally involved in the construction of many new homes, as well as several small unit developments in and around the city of Townsville. They have become well-respected and recognised in the area for providing a professional service that lives up to Chris and Rebecca’s shared personal values of integrity, reliability and attention to detail.

“We’re very open with clients, right from the beginning of a project,” says Rebecca. “They have our mobile phone numbers and our emails, and if there’s something they want to talk about during the building process we encourage them to contact us right away.”

In general, both Chris and Rebecca try to be as hands-on as possible, and they work together to build strong rapports with their clients. That means operating with complete honesty, being approachable at all times, and providing the soundest advice possible. Rebecca’s experience when it comes to interior design and colour choices, for example, makes her an ideal outlet for customers to discuss and consider their personal selections with.

“So much of my job is just spending time with the clients and making sure they are getting exactly what they want out of their new home,” Rebecca says.

That personalised approach continually pays off for the company, as word-of-mouth is the biggest form of advertising for the business. The vast majority of Parsons’ customers tend to move into a home very satisfied with the service they have received, and more than happy to pass on the company’s name to friends and relatives.

The same personal approach also helps Parsons Constructions form strong relationships with the people they work with, including their subcontractors and suppliers. Most of their partners have been working with Chris and Rebecca since the business started, and have formed friendships with the couple outside of work.

“We try to stay as loyal as possible with everyone we work with,” Chris says. “Our loyalty gives us flexibility – if we tried to ‘chop and change’ with suppliers and contractors, we wouldn’t get the prompt service that we get, and our relationships wouldn’t be nearly as strong.”

Embracing efficiency

As a GreenSmart-accredited builder, Parsons Constructions is dedicated to buildings homes that are more than just visually appealing – they also have to be energy-efficient. Sustainable building measures are for more than just saving the planet, Chris explains. They also benefit the homeowner, as they make for more comfortable living spaces and save on energy costs in the long run.

We are passionate about designing and building energy-efficient homes,” he says. “We encourage our clients to embrace ideas, products and materials to achieve an outcome that will suit their lifestyle.”

The company’s “green” focus – combined with their commitment to customer service – has not gone unnoticed by the industry. In 2012, for example, Parsons Constructions was the winner of a regional HIA GreenSmart award for Energy Efficiency.

That winning project was a pavilion-style home with large shaded decks, roof and wall insulation, and raised timber floors. All the lighting is either fluorescent or LED, and a 10kW solar panel system was installed to supplement energy usage and make the large home almost self-sufficient. Like all of Parsons’ projects, it was designed with the region’s northern summers in mind.

“We value that industry recognition a lot,” says Rebecca. “And it does have an impact – people can see we’re an award-winning company, and that we know what we’re doing.”

“GreenSmart awards are particularly significant,” adds Chris. “Given where the world is at the moment, with everyone talking about affordable energy efficiently, they show that you’re keeping up with the times.”

Both Chris and Rebecca credit their award-winning status to – first and foremost – the quality of their designs. Since Day 1, they have worked very closely with a highly skilled architect that shares the couple’s green building passion.

“The design is paramount to the ultimate liveability and the energy efficiency of the home,” Rebecca says. “At that stage, we encourage customers to look outside the square, and embrace alternative ideas like timber floors, and energy-efficient fixtures. That all makes a big difference.”

In recent years, some energy-efficient homebuilding measures – including special lighting and water-saving devices – have been made mandatory by the state government. According to Rebecca, however, Parsons Constructions encourages their clients to “take it to the next level.”

“We don’t just do the minimum,” she says. “We try to do as much as we can.”

A growing profile

Moving forward, Chris says that the company aims to grow – but they are more concerned with their reputation than their size.

“We want to grow our profile more than anything,” he says. “I want to keep putting our name out there, so people come to us before they go someplace else.”

Rebecca adds that by not growing too fast, Parsons Constructions is able to maintain the personalised service and high quality that they have become renowned for providing. Steady, structured growth also allows them to focus on more interesting projects, which require more attention and skill to pull off, and which other builders shy away from.

Looking to the longer term, Chris and Rebecca conclude that their most important concern will be striving to live up to the company’s lofty and growing reputation. Their family name has become synonymous with ‘good quality work,’ and they both want to keep it that way.

“I don’t want to taint my name in any way, and I don’t think I ever have or I ever will,” Chris says. “I’m proud of who I am and where I’ve come. I’m proud to say that I’ve built the houses that I’ve built, and I’m proud our clients can enjoy living in them as much as we enjoy building them.”