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Ownit Homes is a unique home building company dedicated to building outstanding homes for affordable prices. Since their inception in 1972, they have been committed to giving clients a home building experience that exceeds their expectations. Over the years, they have delivered more than 3500 homes – and have grown their experience, skill and reputation with each one.

The company was founded by brothers Peter and Paul Ganim, who got their start in the fashion industry before moving into real estate and then building. Paul’s sons Scott and Brad grew up around the business, and have both since taken on roles as Directors.

For his part, Brad started with Ownit Homes during his high school holidays before going on to complete a Business Marketing degree at University. His first job at Ownit was working with the builders onsite. He loved it so much he went on to complete his four year carpentry apprenticeship, and was soon after promoted building supervisor, and then construction manager. He now manages the building side of the company.

Scott, on the other hand, studied commerce law at UQ. His role at Ownit Homes incorporates the contractual side and involves overseeing the entire business.

“Brad and I complement each other,” Scott says. “I handle the admin side of the office, Brad handles the construction side. Between the two of us, we know every aspect of the business from the ground up.”

The brothers are also supported by a strong in-house team, including their construction manager, their general manger, their sales and design team, their in-house accountant and many others. Each and every one of them brings a depth of skill and a long history of experience to their roles. Many of them have been working with the Ganim family for over a decade.

Personal care

Today, Ownit Homes is one of South East Queensland’s largest and most diversified builders of quality homes. Their business is based in Brisbane, and their work takes them as far south as the New South Wales border, as far west as Ipswich, and as north as the bottom of the Sunshine Coast. Historically, most of their projects have been built for the third and fourth homebuyer market, but in recent years they have established a foothold in the second homebuyer market as well.

“We’ll build houses from $180,000 up to $450,000 and higher,” Brad explains. “We’ve got a wide range of capabilities.”

As a family-run business, Ownit Homes takes pride in providing personal customer care and service. Brad and Scott agree it is that service which sets Ownit apart in their niche. The two of them make it a point to meet with every single client before they build – which is something their father did, and instilled in them from the start of their careers.

As part of providing a personal service, Brad and Scott also look out for their client’s best interests. At least one of them personally visits every project site, usually before the design is even completed, and sometimes even before they have a deposit.

“Many times we’ve told a client not to proceed with their land because we don’t believe it’s the best choice for them,” Brad says. “It might have a bad sewer running through it, it might have excessive sloping – we’ll say to wait a bit longer and find the right block, where they can save on their costs.”

“It’s not just about getting the job moving and getting paid,” Scott adds. “We try to treat clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves if we were in the same position.”

Beyond their service, Ownit Homes is also set apart by their commitment to pairing quality with affordability. For each and every job they are involved with, they make it their goal to design an architectural home, and then deliver it at a project price.

By living up to that goal, Ownit Homes has formed strong relationships with an extensive list of customers. Many of those customers return to Ownit to build again, and even more refer their friends and family.

Industry recognised

Ownit Homes’ dedication – to clients, to quality and to everything in between – has done more than earn them the loyalty of their clients. It has also earned them recognition from industry bodies like the Queensland Master Builders Association, who have awarded them with many accolades throughout the years.

Most recently, at the 2013 Awards, Ownit Homes won the category for “Best Display Home $376,000 to $475,000,” as well as the Brisbane Region President’s Award.

“We really appreciate getting recognition from an independent body like that,” Scott says. “Especially the President’s Award – that’s the one that every builder tries to achieve.”

“Clients value it as well,” he adds. “It shows them we’re doing something different, and it encourages them to take a look at us when they might not have before.”

“Getting your name out there for good things can only be good for the company,” he says.

The company’s 2013 victories were received on behalf of The Mirage, their new display home. Brad describes that project as a good example of their goal of delivering architecturally-designed quality at an affordable price.

“That’s our flagship home,” he says. “From the start, we wanted to make sure it was special. We wanted it to look like an architecturally designed home, but we also wanted to make sure we could build it in a project fashion. We achieved that. With the naked eye, you can’t tell the difference.”

“We figured out how to include the features that we wanted – or features that achieved the same effect – at a fraction of the price you’d get at an architectural builder.”

Brad says a lot of credit for the award-winning result has to go the company’s “family of subcontractors” – many of whom have been working with the company for more than a decade, or even two or three decades.

“We’ve got a fantastic relationship with our subbies,” he explains. “And there’s a family history with them as well. Many are now – like us – in their second generation, with sons following in the footsteps of their fathers.”

All of Ownit’s projects – including The Mirage – have benefited from those longstanding relationships. Because the company has those in place, they are able to ensure reliability and quality every step of the way.

Family values

Ownit Homes has been operating for more than 40 years, and in that time Brad says they have been “constantly evolving.” Moving forward, he says that evolution will continue. He and his brother are vigilant about staying up to date with the latest building trends, and are committed to harnessing the power of tools like social media to raise the company’s profile and boost sales.

“We’re all about being modern – in both our building processes and our advertising,” he says.

“At the same time, the DNA of the business will remain the same,” he adds. “We’ll always be a family company with the same values we had 40 years ago, when Peter and Paul started the business. We’ll always provide a personalised service, and we’ll always strive to deliver an exceptional result.”

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