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Building with passion

Nulook Homes
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Based in Western Australia, Nulook Homes is a building company committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Their experienced team of trade professionals work closely with clients to complete their dream homes or renovations. The many awards Nulook Homes has won over the years are testimony to their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

That dedication was established in 2006, when joint directors Brent Lobik and Peter Edwards started the company. The two of them were both carpenters by trade and had supervising experience with other building companies. From the beginning, Lobik’s and Edwards’ goal was always quality over quantity. They both have a passion for building, and enjoy the process of customising each house to conform to the client’s needs.

“We both enjoy the industry and like doing different things, and making sure they’re done correctly,” Lobik says. “Nulook Homes is about the quality and individualism of each project. We love creating something different, and that helps us to keep our passion alive.”

The passion that Lobik and Edwards bring to each and every job pays off with quality work and satisfied clients – most of Nulook Home’s business is generated by repeat customers and word of mouth.

Today, Nulook Homes is based in Balcatta, Western Australia, with the majority of their work taking place in the Perth metropolitan area. In addition to new home building, they also do renovations and unit developments. Lobik estimates the company works on between 20 and 25 projects a year, with prices ranging from $350,000 up to $1.5 million.

Always learning

Nulook Homes offers a personal approach to all of their projects. They supervise their own work, and try to build every home or renovation like they were building it for themselves. “We try to make the building process as enjoyable and as smooth as possible for the client,” Lobik says.

A lot of people who have done renovations and extensions in the past have had bad experiences, so Nulook Homes has to work twice as hard to change their attitudes – which they do, Lobik says. “We let our customers know that we’re trying to work with them to achieve the best result and the best finish for them. A lot of the clients are comforted by that fact, and like the personal approach.”

Since they employ designers and draftsmen, Nulook Homes prefers to get involved with their clients at the early stages of a project. That way they can tailor the design to suit the budget from the beginning, which eliminates a lot of potential frustration later on.

Nulook has eight employees in-house, and utilises a trusted base of subcontractors to do the majority of their on-site work. Lobik describes the corporate culture among both groups as very open. “The flexibility is there to be able to ask questions, and I think that’s how everybody learns,” he says. Because Nulook Homes is eager to live up to their name, they are always on the lookout for new materials and new processes, so a culture conducive to learning is essential.

“We try to make sure all the trades know each other,” Lobik adds. That can be helpful because it means subcontractors know who the next trade coming through is, and know how they require or prefer things. This can make the build go smoother, and it also means subcontractors have more incentive to get things right in the first place.

“If there are any questions, they can ring each other up and ask each other rather than not knowing,” Lobik says. “If they’re conscious of the next trade coming through, and how their work affects them, it really makes a difference in the finished result.” To encourage those tighter relationships, Nulook Homes hosts several social events throughout the year so their subcontractors can mingle outside work.

The same openness applies to Nulook Homes’ relationship with clients. Clients with questions or concerns are able to receive feedback immediately. “Any questions can be asked and answered straight on the spot,” Lobik says. “It’s a real friendly atmosphere. We have an emphasis on getting the work done, but also on service.”

Industry recognised

Over the years, Nulook Homes has been consistently recognised by both the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA) for the quality of work they achieve. They have won renovation awards, custom home awards, customer service awards and building practice excellence awards from MBA and HIA over the years.

“We’re a smaller company, we don’t advertise, all our work is word of mouth – those awards are great recognition that we have high standards that we are consistently meeting,” Lobik says. Recognition by industry bodies like the HIA and MBA helps to get the word out about Nulook Homes, and also provide their clients with peace of mind about the company’s capabilities.

Moving forward, Lobik says they will be aiming to bring home even more of those accolades. That – combined with continuous improvement – is the company’s main goal.

“We’re more than happy with the market we’re in,” Lobik explains. “We want to keep having a hands-on approach, and ensure the quality of the finished product. We are happy with the system and the set-up that we have now but our objective is to continually evolve that and make it run more efficiently.”

“We are recognised for our design, our quality and customer service,” he concludes. “We will maintain that and improve on that.”