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Creating a culture



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Founded in 2003, NS Projects immediately began making its mark as the project development management partner of choice. In less than 10 years, NS Projects has established both a name and reputation for itself. NS Projects is able to find the right solution for clients to meet their particular business needs. They manage all phases of projects right from the beginning through until the end. They place a high level of importance on their staff, their clients, and the communities in which they work, and last but certainly not least, the environment. Managing Director, Neill Stevens says that it is all about the “culture” which they have created at NSP. “Our culture is a dominant factor in how we go about building our company. We really focus on it because if you get the right culture and get the fundamentals right, the success will follow,” says Neill.

Talk the talk, walk the walk

Placing its service at the top of its priorities, NS Projects works to deliver results at every phase of a project. From beginning to end and at every stage in between NSP will be there and will provide their clients with results. There has been an increasing demand for beginning to end service. “We help our clients to develop their project strategies and are around to help maintain the strategic intent during the delivery of the project,” says Neill. “We’re very much beginning to end operators. We like to stay on the project all the way through. Sometimes a client might approach us just to do one facet or phase of a project which we are more than happy to respond to. Our preference is however to be involved as early as possible because that’s when we can add the most value.”

What can NS Projects do for you?

NS Projects helps its clients define their objectives. “Once they’ve got their objectives set, we then can help them define their project strategy and delivery requirements,” says Neill. They partner up with their clients to ensure the best possible results. Through relationship building they are able to ensure all invested parties can walk away happy. Additionally, NSP is always making sure that the project is on the right track. Working in 18 different industry sectors, NSP has trained professionals who are more than capable to work in a variety of these industries. “We encourage our people to explore new sectors and work together as a team to develop business plans and build relationships that support our growth in a controlled manner.” Some of the industries in which NS Projects works include but are certainly not limited to, commercial, urban development, residential, retail, defence, industrial, health, tourism, transport, and educational.

Building relationships with clients has ensured NSP loyal clientele. Additionally, NS Projects deals with each and every client differently. “Different clients have different needs,” says Neill. “It is our particular focus to satisfy whatever the client wants. We have to tailor our services and approach to suit each particular client. In doing so we recognise the importance of building strong relationships with an effective team of service providers and contractors. Our aim is to become project managers of choice for all participants. A key part of our role is to create project flow and to assist each team member to perform to the best of their ability while enjoying the project.”

Creating results

NS Projects is a results driven company. Their results depend on their effective leadership of the projects they take on. Nonetheless, Neill says it is a stressful environment to work in and therefore it is important to create a well organised process using a team effort. NS Projects stresses the importance of client research, review, and feedback. Upon completion of a project they sit down with their team and do a “lesson learned” exercise. This is one of their many continuous improvement strategies. There is always something to be learned after all.

The NS ProjectsTeam

NS Projects encourages professional development for all of their staff members. “In order to grow you need to be versatile and have the capacity to work in a number of sectors,” explains Neill. NS Projects has built a culture throughout their company which allows for continuous improvement as well as honest communication. “A key thing we do, or rather don’t do, is we don’t manage the business strictly top down. It’s a very participative model. Everyone in the company has an opportunity to get involved in corporate leadership in one aspect or another,” says Neill. “Management in our corporate environment is a very organic thing, done by the people in the company for collective benefit and use. It’s a very rich experience for everybody.” Neill says they truly are a team, working together and tackling challenges and everyday stresses together. NS Projects has an active employee shareholder scheme open to all members of staff who meet qualifying criteria focussed on teamwork , loyalty , corporate contribution, industry reputation , client service and core values. They offer three different levels of shareholding: member level, associate, and director.

A definite point of difference for NS Projects is the mentoring program they offer. Each person within the company has a mentor and is able to discuss any issues they are having with that individual. In addition to mentoring, NS Projects is a company which coaches their staff. “We’re humble enough to listen to people but confident when showing leadership. It’s important to be a good listener,” says Neill. This has helped NS Projects to address the universal challenge of holding on to good staff.


Sustainable initiatives are second nature to NS Projects. While many companies attempt green initiatives when possible, NS Projects employs them all of the time. “Sustainability initiatives and green star ratings are not extra things you do, they should just be part of the development from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable initiatives. A critical element in our culture is that we see ourselves as being part of a community,” says Neill. As part of a community, NS Projects believes everyone must take action and be held accountable for themselves and their impact on the environment.

Getting involved and giving back

Working and living in a community, NS Projects feels responsible to contribute and give back. In addition to sponsoring different charitable organisations, they have also partnered up with the Disability Services Commission to provide support to children and their families. Every year NS Projects finds a family in need and they pick a team to do a backyard turnaround project.

As NS Projects leaves their mark on the industry, they continue to grow. They are currently based in Perth but are expanding. They envision themselves becoming Australia’s most valued project development partners. However, slow and steady wins the race which is why NS Projects has created smaller, short-term goals for itself. Through the next year they will be moving into Darwin and more deeply into the Northwest of WA. “When we plan something, we achieve it. We have a definite strategy to go forward,” says Neill.