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Building dreams

Narallen Pools
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Narellan Pools is a company that aims to bring dreams to life. As Australia’s leading manufacturer of technologically advanced swimming pools, they do that for clients by supplying and installing a quality product throughout the country. And as a franchise system backed by one of Australia’s best and most loved brands, they make dreams come true for their franchise owners as well.

“We’re not just a manufacturer that sells fibreglass pools,” says Chris Meyer, Managing Director of the company. “For our clients, we provide a complete, quality solution. And for our franchisees, we provide a trusted brand with more than 40 years of pool industry knowledge.”

Narellan Pools has been earning that trust and knowledge since 1971, when they were established as a small, family-owned fibreglass pool manufacturing business in Sydney’s South West. At the time, the company was one of the first of its kind. After ownerships changed hands in the late 80s, Narellan steadily grew from the smallest single pool manufacturer in Australia to the largest.

Meyer himself grew up with the company, and has been working within it since his school holidays. When he joined the business officially, he started on the factory floor, and advanced through the ranks from the ground up. For the last decade, he’s held the position of Managing Director

Under the direction of Meyer and his family, Narellan Pools formed their franchise system. Today, the company is on the leading edge of pool supply in Australia. Their passionate and expert franchisees service over 70 regions or territories across the country, and the company’s exporting arm has reached Europe, North America, Asia, the South Pacific and the Middle East.

Peace of mind

From a client’s point of view, Narellan Pools offers superior quality workmanship and value for money – but more than that, they offer peace of mind. They are committed to the principles of quality and reliability, and they ensure clients are provided with a hassle free building experience with time-frame certainty. They call this commitment ‘Comfort Construct,’ and back it up with a ‘6-Point Guarantee.’

The first point, Meyer says, is integrity – they promise client’s will know their budget upfront, and won’t be confronted with any hidden surprises down the line.

Secondly, they give clients an allocated start date. That means limiting the amount of pools they start each month “to ensure ultimate client satisfaction,” Meyer says. “Attention to detail is paramount, and our service is personal and second to none.”

Third, Narellan offers an exclusive transferable warranty. This ensures hassle-free ownership, and future-proofs a client’s investment.

The fourth guarantee is “contingency,” which means that Narellan takes a proactive approach. “A percentage of each pool sold is set aside to our unique contingency fund,” Meyer explains. “If something happens to a local pool builder, the installation will be finished by another certified team. No other brand, manufacturer or pool builder offers this security.

Next up, the company equips every pool with microchip technology for identification purposes. “Each pool also has its own production certificate,” Meyer adds. “And we keep samples of each pool, once again for our customer’s peace of mind.”

Finally, Narellan Pools provides all clients with access to a dedicated client support specialist. If they have any questions or concerns or future issues, Narellan can respond in a timely and efficient manner. Customers aren’t left to fend for themselves – Narellan is there to help.

“What we do, we do very well,” Meyer says. “We have an uncompromising commitment to quality, and over 40 years’ experience behind us.”

Narellan Pools further appeals to customers by working with them closely from a project’s concept to completion, and walking them through each step of the installation. The company’s product also stands apart on its own merits, as it includes a proprietary gel coat that ensures maximum resistance to algae and bacteria, as well as resistance to all climate conditions and soil types.

Passionate people

“There are very few businesses where you can really bring people’s dreams to life,” Meyer says. “Narellan Pools is one of them. That goes a long way to drawing the attention of potential franchisees.”

“It’s a very rewarding business to be in,” he adds. “You’re not just selling something. You really are creating an oasis and a lifestyle in people’s backyards. You get a really good feeling about what you do.”

Another aspect of Narellan Pools that makes it an attractive franchise opportunity is the business model. The company has a proven track record of success for those who follow their system – a record they’ve been building on since they became a franchisor more than 10 years ago.

Narellan also offers “a huge amount of support” to their franchisees, Meyer adds. That includes comprehensive introductory training, ongoing courses and workshops, national marketing initiatives, heavy IT investment, and even one-to-one business development with a dedicated franchise business coach.

“From business planning to operational support, to legal support if necessary, to helping them improve their profitability – we offer franchisees support at every level,” Meyer says. “We recognise that the more successful they are, the more successful we are. And we can’t be successful unless they are first.”

“We have a very structured recruitment process, a very solid training platform, and then lots of ongoing support,” he adds.

On the other side of the coin, Meyer describes what makes potential franchisees attractive to the brand. He says that when they are recruiting, the number one thing they look for is passion. “There’s a direct correlation between those who are passionate about the brand and success,” he explains.

Narellan Pools also looks for people who are active in their community, or would like to be. The company may be a national and international organisation overall, but they are still working in local communities – and they like to work with people who keep that in mind.

Strong family support is also a key attribute for successful franchisees, Meyer adds. “There’s a strong link between success in any business and support from friends and family.”

Finally, they are also looking for people who fit their culture. Franchise applicants don’t necessarily need to have the proper building qualifications, Meyer says, since Narellan can train them and help them achieve those. What Narellan can’t do, however, is teach people how to be positive, friendly, or hardworking – and those are the kind of people they want to work with.

Being the best

Moving forward, Meyer says the company’s vision is simple – “be the best and most loved pool builder in the world.”

But while the company is definitely considering growing internationally, Meyer also says that “there’s no point at looking to the distance unless you’ve mastered what’s under your feet.” For Narellan Pools, that means more than tripling their domestic sales in the next five years. They also want to complete their national network, “filling the gaps we have left in Australia.”  Meyer is confident that both of those goals are within reach.

From there, the plan for Narellan Pools involves looking offshore. In particular, the company sees an opportunity to open up markets in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

As the brand grows, however, Meyer says his overriding priority will be to maintain their quality and service. He says the one thing they will never compromise on is their client’s experience.

“If the brand isn’t bringing dreams to life, it’s not worth being in business.”

For more information, please visit their website at:  Narellan Pools

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