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Mondo Exclusive Homes
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Mondo Exclusive Homes
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Mondo Exclusive Homes
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Mondo Exclusive Homes is a locally owned and operated custom builder dedicated to helping clients design and build their dream homes. By constantly looking at ways of improving the construction process, and by utilising the latest technology, they are able to deliver clients a high quality home with the best value for money.

At Mondo Exclusive Homes, however, the goal is not just to build a superior quality home – it’s also to do it in a way that makes the process easy and enjoyable for clients. Throughout their existence, they have built a reputation for clear communication, honesty and integrity, as well as a long list of satisfied clients to attest to it.

Taking responsibility
The origins of Mondo Exclusive Homes can be traced back to the founding of Kershaw Constructions as a small renovations company. After founder and Director Ray Kershaw obtained his registered builder’s license, Kershaw Construction grew to a full-fledged construction company that did mixed-use developments, new homes, new commercial work – “a bit of everything,” Kershaw says. Last year, they looked at branching out into exclusive homes at the higher end of the market and created the Mondo Exclusive Homes brand name to reflect that new focus.

Today, Mondo builds homes anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area, with their projects averaging around $500,000 to $600,000.

They set themselves apart from other custom home builders with the direct access they offer, Kershaw says. “I pretty much run everything,” he explains. “I’m there from the signing of the contracts, the scheduling and site supervising – basically the job is my baby from day one.”

“Anyone that ever rings up is always speaking to the owner of the company,” he adds. “There’s no station of Mondo Homes that isn’t responsible for anything. The man client’s speak to is the man putting it all together. I’m on every job, every day, and clients can contact me at any time.”

When it comes to customer service, that direct access to the company’s top guy is invaluable. By dealing directly with the builder on all facets of design and construct, Mondo’s clients have both the freedom and the flexibility to design their homes around their unique needs and budget. That ability is one of the many ways Mondo Exclusive Homes has earned the loyalty of their customers.

They have also set up a Facebook page for their clients, as well as the friends and family of clients. That page features interactive pictures of the construction, so as a client’s home is being built they can see the progress every step of the way. “It means they don’t have to go out there all the time,” Kershaw says.

“These days we all have camera phones and iPads, so we’re pretty interactive with technology and social media,” he explains. “We get people on our site to take and share photos, so clients can really watch their house come together without having to meet us down there all the time. It’s good for them, it’s good for us.”

They also do a lot of other little things for their customers, and it all adds up. For example, Kershaw says they are happy to meet with clients outside of the company’s work hours to suit their client’s schedule. They also introduce their clients to all of their tradespeople, who they are free to interact with and ask questions of. “By the end of the job, a lot of our clients actually become friends with a lot of our tradesmen. It’s a really good system.”

Even after a job is done, Mondo’s relationship with a client is not necessarily over. If a client has a small problem afterwards – a crack, for example, or a chip in the wall – Mondo has been known to come by and touch it up for no charge. “Just because they’ve been a good client to us,” Kershaw explains. “We’re not just in there for the money. We’re in there for the long term relationship.”

Kershaw estimates that over 60 per cent of their work is word of mouth – the very best indicator of customer satisfaction there is.

As an example of that customer satisfaction, Kershaw recalls a recent customer who invited him and his wife to dinner. “They were so proud of their home, and they wanted to show me and my wife how lovely it was,” he says. “At the dinner, they basically sat us down and said ‘We’re so happy that we want to build again with you.’ They bought another block of land and we’re just starting the designs of their new home.”

“For us, that’s the best advert you can get,” he says. “And not only are we doing one for him, we’re doing one for his brother as well.”

Respect all around
When it comes to subcontractors and suppliers, Kershaw says Mondo’s relationships are just as strong, and just as long lasting. “I’ve built up an excellent trade base over the past 10 years of my career,” he says. “I keep all the guys going from one job to the next. As a whole, we have a really good relationship.”

“We make sure that we treat everyone well at Christmas, and everyone has a good time at our functions,” he continues. “It just keeps the morale going. I think they respect that we’re looking after them.” Mondo Exclusive Homes also pays above-board rates, maintains excellent conditions on the job site, and doesn’t skimp on materials or health and safety.

“They respect us, we respect them, and we have a good relationship,” Kershaw says.

Included among Mondo’s subcontractor base are their team of architects, whom they work with very closely. Kershaw himself attends all meetings between the architects and the clients, to make sure that everyone is on the same page and the client is getting exactly what they want at a good value.

The best of the best
Like their name implies, every home that Mondo Exclusive Homes builds is one-of-a-kind. Every project is custom designed to what the client wants, though the company does specialise in two-story homes that are a bit more complex than the average job. “Sloping blocks, odd shaped blocks, small blocks – we can build on any of them,” Kershaw says.

Mondo Exclusive Homes are also leaders in the field of energy efficiency. “We’ve always paved the way in wanting to put it in the most energy efficient products in the home,” Kershaw says. “We’ve always used cavity wall insulation, for example, even before it was mandatory.”

“We always put the best of what we possibly can in each home,” he adds, defining what makes Mondo’s homes so special in general. “I’ve ended up becoming quite successful because if I see something that I personally would want in my home – and I realize it’s achievable for not much more money – I will incorporate it for clients for no extra charge.”

“I take control of the houses as if I’m building them for myself,” he says. “A lot of our clients really like that touch.”

Moving forward, Kershaw says he will continue to operate by that philosophy, which will mean always improving. As a company, Mondo Exclusive Homes want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and when a new feature comes onto the market they want to be the first to implement it. “With every house we finish, we find better ways to do things,” Kershaw says. “All we see happening in the future is our quality getting better.”
They are looking to grow, he explains, but he never wants to get to a point where he’s not in the loop anymore. “I still want to be the man that is building every house. People expect that they’re coming to get their house built by Ray Kershaw of Mondo Exclusive Homes, and I don’t ever want to lose that.”