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Moggill Constructions Pty Ltd is a privately owned Brisbane based Civil Engineering Contracting Company that was founded by Keith Bedford in Moggill in1973. Since inception, Moggill has developed and maintained a solid reputation to get almost any civil works project done on time and within budget. They have been recognised for this through industry awards and recurring (open tender and negotiated) contracts with many of their major clients and are proud of the solid relationships built over time. “The company remains in the hands of the Bedford family,” explains Marc Kuypers, General Manager at Moggill, “who maintain an active involvement at Board level. Over the years we have secured and developed a solid nucleus of talented engineers, supervisors and office staff, many of whom have been with us for decades. These long term employees really help us to maintain the fundamental core value of the company.”

Core values, core people

Marc believes that by building their company strategy around their core values ensures that everyone has the best interest of Moggill Constructions at heart, while at the same time maintains great business ethics that have earned them a very positive standing with their clients. “It comes down to the fact that we believe in performing efficiently in delivering a quality job, and at the end of each day we are confident that everyone goes home safely” he says. This very straightforward philosophy has served Moggill over the lifetime of the company and has cemented its stability in the region. “Providing a quality job in everything we do is crucial to our well-being and part of that is managing the relationships that we have.” He adds “that this dissemination of the philosophy lets each employee know that these relationships are important to Moggill and they in turn act as ambassadors of the brand”.

“We cover pretty much everything in the civil contracting industry and often see ourselves tackling the jobs that are more intricate or complicated than the majority of those normally put out for tender. We have demonstrated our engineers are innovative and are able to plan and program difficult jobs effectively,” says Marc. “Our portfolio includes contracts for Queensland Rail where Moggill have built railway formations, bridges, station platforms and structures adjacent to operational services. One of our strengths has been meeting very tight timeframes demanded by Queensland Rail, particularly on their domestic infrastructure. We have also worked on their freight rail lines and recently had to relocate and reinstate a bridge during an extended weekend closure. The new structure was constructed off-line under normal conditions and was pushed into its new location during the possession” says Marc. Moggill has developed this operation down to a fine art with the installation of a new bridge deck taking only a matter of hours after the prefabricated components are on site. Success in their work is the best advertising that they could ask for. “On many occasions we have won projects on reputation rather than the on price,” says Marc. They have also worked closely with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, British Petroleum and Leighton Contractors.

Chambers Flat Intersection Upgrade

Moggill Constructions is proud of the outcomes of all of their projects and is currently focused on the $23m Mt Lindesay Highway, Chambers Flat Intersection Upgrade Contract for TMR. Work started a few months ago with a completion date set for mid 2012. “We are constructing about 2.5 kilometres of road under traffic with associated roundabouts, on and off ramps and a 4-span bridge structure over the highway. It is quite a large project,” Marc says. He also says that this fits perfectly into Moggill Construction’s capabilities. “It is one of the larger jobs we have taken on and at the moment we have our own and external plant focussing on bulk earthworks and drainage. We also have a core team of approximately 25 staff on site. These numbers will of course fluctuate during the build process, increasing as the job ramps up.”

“The job immediately appealed to Moggill. It was a large good looking job,” Marc chuckles, “just what we needed in these uncertain times. It’s not as technically challenging as some of the other jobs that we have done, but it is a nice large earthworks job and it is important for our key staff to demonstrate their expertise once again”. The challenging part of this type of job is doing the earthworks in an unusually state-wide wet season. “The ripple effects have been very severe on the industry. Forward planning, procurement and securing new contracts has been a nightmare when many have been severely constrained to complete existing works delayed by the floods and general inclement weather”

Moggill Constructions is proud of their record to get the job done, on time and within budget in these difficult circumstances. Marc says that a lot of this has to do with their ability to manage their team and the contractors they engage. With this in mind he says that they are looking to maintain their current operational size. “We aren’t looking to grow into a “Tier 1 monster” right now and are happy and contented in our current catchment,” he says. “Hopefully this catchment will remain fertile. Most of our work is in South East Queensland and this is where we like working. We hope to build a lot more of Brisbane and partner with a lot more clients. That is what I see Moggill doing in the next five years.”