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Beyond expectations

Mike Murry
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Mike Murry Homes is family-owned building company based in Agnes Water, Queensland. Mike Murry himself formed it in 2003, and ever since he’s made it his goal to achieve a high level of excellence in the design and construction of every project. Over the years, the company has won an incredibly long list of industry accolades that serve as testament to that quality.

“We try do more than what’s expected,” says Mike Murry, Owner and Director of the company. “That’s why we’ve been successful and that’s why we’ve won awards – because we treat every house as if it was our own.”

Mike brings over 30 years of building experience to his role. His career started immediately after he left school and went straight into his apprenticeship. After later working as a supervisor for a few years, he struck out on his own and formed Mike Murry Homes.

Getting it right the first time

Today, Mike Murry Homes works locally in Agnes Water, and occasionally ventures to the surrounding areas. Almost every member of the company’s team – from their direct staff to their subcontractors – is based in the area, which gives them a strong understanding of the land, climate, and their client’s needs.

The company is capable of delivering a wide variety of work, from bathroom renovations through to homes for first, second and third homeowners as well as investors. They are also known for completing architectural homes, some valued as high as more than $2 million.

No matter who the client is, however, Mike Murry Homes is set apart by their strength of their team. In addition to being local, their carpenters and subcontractors are highly experienced, and have been working with Mike for many years. Some have even been with the company since its inception.

“There’s a lot of respect among us,” Mike explains. “All the boys respect the other boys’ trades, and they look out for each other. A carpenter can give the plasterer a ring and say ‘Hey, you better put this board up because it’s going to be hard to get at later.’ They make life easier for each other, and that reflects in the quality of the job at the end of it.”

“We try to do everything right the first time,” Mike adds. “We don’t want to come back except for a BBQ.”

As a result of their skilled delivery, Mike Murry Homes has formed some very close relationships with customers as well. Many of them become personal friends by the end of a project, and they are always happy to refer Mike’s name to their other friends and family when they are looking to build. Some of them have even come back for return work, on second homes or investment homes.

“That’s our biggest marketing tool – return work and word of mouth,” Mike says.

Mike also credits that client loyalty to his philosophy of being “open and fair.”

“I like to think I’m very approachable,” he explains. “And I’m not here to cover anything up. We’re always taking photos and showing clients, and we welcome the client on site whenever they want to be there. That helps build trust, and helps build a strong relationship.”

Industry recognised

The excellence of Mike Murry Homes’ quality has been recognised many times throughout the years. The streak started in 2005, when the company won the Wide Bay and Districts Home of the Year Award. From there, they received a “constant flow” of accolades for their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

Most recently, at the Master Builders 2013 Awards for the Burnett Wide Bay region, Mike Murry Homes won awards in multiple categories – including Individual Home $1 million to $2 million; Individual Home over $2 million; Housing for Sloping Sites over $1 million; and House of the Year.

“Winning awards is great,” Mike says. “It reinforces and confirms your quality, and clients see that. They see that you’ve received recognition from a third party, and that you’re among the best in your region.”

“It also proves to clients that they get quality locally,” he adds. “The awards show clients they don’t need to bring a builder in from a big city or major town to get a quality home. We can do it right here, we can build anywhere, and we can meet their budget. They see that, and that goes a long way.”

Mike credits the company’s consistent award recognition to the skill and experience of his team. The sites they work on are often complicated, and they usually have limited access to resources – so every completed job is an achievement in itself. Mike says those achievements wouldn’t be possible without the right team in place.

In the case of the project that won House of the Year, Mike says his team went particularly above and beyond. He says quality of the carpentry was second-to-none, for example.

“We were proud to give those clients a certificate saying their house was a regional winner,” he recalls. “It was a nice feeling.”

Moving forward, Mike says his goal is keep replicating that quality – and then hopefully that feeling. He says he is happy with the company’s current size. He thinks stepping the volume up would require bringing on more staff and becoming less personally involved, which could dilute the quality Mike Murry Homes has become known for.

 “My biggest priority is maintaining our reputation, which means maintaining our quality,” Mike says.

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