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McLeish & Matthews
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Quality since 1960

McLeish & Matthews
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McLeish & Matthews is a Western Australian building company that specialises in commercial and industrial construction. For more than 50 years they have built an unrivalled reputation for achieving high quality projects, and have earned the trust of satisfied clients who return time and again to utilise their services. With skills in design and construct, project management, tilt up construction and all-general building, McLeish & Matthews can bring any project to a successful reality.

The original eponymous McLeish & Matthews were a builder and an engineer, respectively, and started a company together in 1960. That company has remained continuously family-owned and operated to this day. Over the years they have undertaken thousands of building projects of varying size and complexity for a wide-range of clients.

“From humble beginnings we’ve grown to what we are today – a company that is renowned for providing first class quality work in commercial and industrial projects,” says Managing Director Craig McLeish.

Today McLeish & Matthews works primarily in the Perth metropolitan area. They specialise in industrial and commercial design and construct works, but over the course of their 50-plus years in the industry they have undertaken all types of construction work.

Recently, McLeish & Matthews constructed the largest BMW dealership in Australia, which was a continuation of a 25-year relationship they have with that client.  They are extremely proud of this project as it was recognised by the 2012 MBA Awards as the Best Retail Building Over $10 Million, as well as one of the top four commercial projects in WA.

“We value that recognition highly,” Craig says. “The MBA judging panel are very professional and uphold Master Builder values and ethics.”

McLeish & Matthews have strong customer relationships across the board.  They have constructed WA headquarters for such respected companies as Coates Hire, Stratco, Terex, Le Tourneau, Peacock Manufacturing, Aker Solutions, Perm a Pleat, Ertech, McPhee Distribution, Sigma Pharmaceuticals and for many other high-profile companies.

They also do hospital works, including radiological clinics, cardiac laboratories and theatres, pre-natal wards, x-ray clinics, chief executive suites and general wards as well as shopping centres, university works, vehicle dealerships, and churches of most faiths including Anglican, Catholic and Greek Orthodox. That is just a sample of the wide and varied works undertaken by the company.

Over the last 50 years, McLeish & Matthews have worked for many clients and constructed many buildings, and they are very proud of them all.

All about integrity

With every project, McLeish & Matthews delivers only the highest quality end result, which is what has made them a multi-award winning company. This is credited to their consistency in quality, experience, attention to detail, and the structural integrity of their buildings.

Great lengths are made to ensure every building is properly constructed. Trades are highly supervised and the head contractor has input from start to finish that is very detailed. Professional supervision on everything from the groundwork and foundations up is critical to the construction process.

The attention McLeish & Matthews devote to each and every one of their projects has resulted in an excellent industry reputation. They are known for being a quality builder that operates with integrity and fairness. That reputation makes them a preferred builder for subcontractors and customers alike.

“When we make a commitment we honour it,” Craig says. “We have subcontractors and suppliers that have been with us for many years, and we have many clients that have stuck with us for 20, 30, 40 years. We get a lot of repeat business. Sometimes we’re pulling down buildings that we built 20 or 30 years ago and rebuilding new ones in their place.”

“We’ve been very fortunate that we have an excellent clientele,” he adds. “We certainly don’t take that for granted. Having good relationships is extremely important to us. We attract quality companies and quality people. Our culture is to do an excellent job and be professional about it.”

As far as subcontractors are concerned, McLeish & Matthews has been able to form strong bonds because of their commitment to both fairness and quality. Commitments are honoured, and people are happy to work for a company they know is going to do professional work and is solid.

50 more years

Coming up, McLeish & Matthews has a substantial order book of works in place, with a variety of industrial and commercial projects currently underway or following through the approval process. “We’ve always got work happening, and we see the outlook for our company as positive,” Craig says.

In the longer term, McLeish & Matthews’ goal is to keep their clients satisfied and to move forward in a logical and methodical manner, and do what they have been doing so successfully for the last 50 years.

McLeish & Matthews is currently in its third generation of continuous family ownership – a rarity in any industry. In the rare occasion that other companies that have been around for that period of operation they tend to have been taken over, bought out, or merged, but McLeish & Matthews has remained in the hands of the McLeish family. Craig, the second generation McLeish, now has three sons Gavin, Steven and Michael that work in the business and he’s incredibly proud of that fact.

A family business, everyone is working to achieve one goal, and that goal is doing a good job and bettering the company. There are no conflicting interests; everyone is working in unison.

In addition, since the family’s name is right there in the title of the company, everybody involved is held accountable for their work, and has a lot to live up to. The vision for McLeish & Matthews is for that accountability to continue for a long time to come. “Since we’ve celebrated over 50 years of construction, I like to think we’d be here for at least another 50.”