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As one of the leading builders in Western Australia, Lomma Homes has been refining their commitment to quality craftsmanship for over 35 years.  From modest, single-story homes through to multi-storey abodes, Lomma Homes works closely with clients to create unique, liveable designs that reflect people’s desires and lifestyles. From the first phone call all the way through to collecting the keys to the home, Lomma is dedicated to making the building process as exciting and enjoyable as possible.

Happy clients, high standards
Lomma Homes was established in 1975 by the eponymous Lomma family – a family with deep roots in all aspects of the building industry, according to second-generation Managing Director Paul Lomma. “It’s in our blood,” he says.

From day one, Lomma Homes has been a custom builder that individually designed and built each home. Today, they work in metropolitan Perth on projects $750,000 and up. “If you want good value for money, and they want a quality project, then we can help you,” says Paul, summarising the company’s approach. “If you want something cheap, then we can’t.”

Across the board, all of Lomma’s projects can stand the test of time both aesthetically and structurally. There are houses they built 15 years ago that people mistake as new. “That’s testament to the fact that it was a good job in the first place, and from a structural point of view our houses tend to age gracefully rather than fall to pieces after a short while,” says Paul.

The number of projects Lomma takes on per year ranges anywhere from six to 12, depending on the size and complexity of the work. They are very conscious about keeping it in that range, Paul says, because to do any more would mean compromising their standards. “We want to make sure we spend the time on each job to make sure they come out as they’re supposed to.”

That intense focus is one of the many ways in which Lomma Homes stands apart in the marketplace. It means every client can work with Paul himself from the beginning of a project right through the end. “There’s no sales arm, there’s no client liaison, there’s no degree of separation,” he says. “I am the start, the finish and everything in between as far as the client’s concerned. That means I can impart all of my experience on every single job that comes through our doors, which helps to maintain the standard of design, construction, client attention, and client satisfaction.”

At Lomma Homes, client satisfaction is paramount. Every step of the way, the company endeavours to “do the right thing” by their clients, making sure they look out for their best interest, and making sure the project is built to their unique specifications. Also, although most of Lomma Homes work is in the upper range, they do make exceptions for past clients in cases such as when their children are building their first home.

“Historically, that’s been enough for clients to refer us to their friends and family, and for them themselves to come back,” Paul says. Most of Lomma Homes’ business is generated by word of mouth, by customers who experienced their superb craftsmanship and service and spread the word about it.

Also helping to generate business is the many awards Lomma Homes has won. The company is a proud member of both the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association, and over the years they have been recognised by both groups as being outstanding in a variety of categories. Those awards are valued, Paul says, but at the end of the day the most important thing is making the client happy. “If they’re not happy, we’re not happy, so that’s where it has to start.”

Relationship building
Internally, Lomma Homes employs five people, all longstanding team members who Paul describes as “almost a family, even though we’re not related.” The same goes for many of the company’s subcontractors and suppliers. “Just as I’m second generation to this business, there are several subcontractors I’m dealing with who are second generation to their business – and in some instances even the third generation,” he says.

“We have long lasting relationships with the bulk of our trades and suppliers,” he continues. “We have some accounts that have been in place for more than 30 years.”

The key to fostering good relationships with subcontractors – not unlike customers – is having a collaborative approach, Paul says. “You have to work with people rather than against people. By virtue of the longevity of those relationships, everybody knows where they stand, everybody understands the process. We’re a well-oiled machine, everything just flows.”

Moving forward, the goal for Lomma Homes is to maintain those relationships – and especially the high standards they have resulted in. In the long term, Paul wants to see Lomma Homes continue down the path they have been on for over thirty years. Eventually, he’d like to see it become a third-generation business, with his children having a chance to sit in his chair.

“We won’t pursue growth at the cost of our standards,” Paul vows. “Growth is something that is very slow and very steady. It’s all about maintaining our standards and my personal involvement.”

For more information on Lomma Homes and their complete design and construction service, visit http://www.lommahomes.com.au/