Liteco Projects

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Reliability meets quality

Liteco Projects is a shopfitting and interior design company based in Sydney and specialising in the hospitality and food service industries. Over the last 15 years, they have successfully delivered more than 200 projects, and along the way have built “a strong and enviable track record for meeting client’s requirements,” according to Andy Tse, their founder and director.

“We have become known for doing the right thing,” Andy says. “We’re honest, we’re transparent, and if there’s ever a problem, clients know they can reach out to us and we’ll come back and solve it.”

“We believe in quality, reliability, and value,” he adds. “We always ensure the customer is happy and satisfied. I believe that’s what we’re known for. That’s why we have so many repeat customers.” 

Over the years, Liteco Projects has grown in both reputation and size on a consistent and organic basis. When Andy first formed the business in 2004, it was just himself and a partner, and most of their experience was in residential projects. In the years since, they have developed an unparalleled reputation in the hospitality sector, and their team has expanded to include roughly 25 dedicated and talented fitout specialists.

As time has gone on, the company has also consistently expanded their range of services and capabilities. In 2010, they started sourcing and selling their own kitchen equipment in order to reduce costs and tighten their control over quality and timeframes. Then, about five years ago, they established their own joinery factory, for the same reasons. They now operate that factory as a separate company, which supplies mostly to Liteco, but also works with other builders.

Finally, two years ago, Liteco added their own in-house design team, and became a true “one-stop-shop” for all of their client’s fit-out needs.

Today, Liteco’s work mainly consists of restaurant and café fitouts, but also encompasses retail shop fittings, office fitouts, and luxury residential refurbishments. Geographically, their service spans the Sydney metropolitan area, with occasional forays interstate to Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. In terms of project size, their capabilities are vast – most of their projects range in value from $200,000 to $300,000, but some have gone as high as $4 million.

No matter where they are working, however, and no matter what size the project, Andy believes all clients choose Liteco for the same reason – their reliability.

“We do it right, we do it faster, and we do it honestly,” he says. “Our quotes contain no hidden costs. We’re very clear on what we have included and we explain every detail before we start. We make sure clients know what to expect and there are no surprises later on.”

“We really take care of our client’s interests,” he adds. “We’re not the type of builder to just follow the plan and not care what happens and not consider it our problem. We try to solve problems ahead of time. If we see one coming, we go to our client and we present them with the best possible solutions.”

As a result of their proactivity, Liteco has been able to hand over almost every single one of their projects “without any major issues.” They have also been able to form exceptionally strong relationships with clients. According to Andy, they have been working with some of their clients for over a decade, and more than that, in their entire corporate history, and they have never had a major dispute.

Andy credits that incredible track record to Liteco’s ethics as a business. Mostly, he says it’s a result of their emphasis on doing the right thing above all else. He believes that kind of integrity is more important than cost.

“We provide good value, but we’re not the cheapest,” he says. “Instead, we’re the most reliable, and I think all our clients would agree. That’s why they keep coming back. Sometimes they’ll go to a cheaper provider for a job or two, but they usually have some sort of issue and they end up coming back.”

Working together

Over the years, Liteco Projects has also formed strong relationships with their other key stakeholders. That includes both their direct team members as well as their extended team of subcontractors and suppliers, most of whom are as longstanding as their customers.

“A lot of them have been with us for more than 10 years,” he says. “We know we can rely on them. We can count on them to do the right thing, just like our clients can count on us.”

Also, much like their clients, Liteco does not choose their subcontractors and suppliers solely based on price.

“We don’t just race to the bottom,” he says. “The prices need to be reasonable, but we’re not here to squeeze anybody.”

The company also welcomes input from their subcontractors and suppliers. According to Devi Thampy, Liteco’s Commercial Manager, if a supplier knows of a better product to use, or if a contractor knows of a more cost-effective or time-saving way to get something done – without compromising on quality – they are encouraged to share.

“We welcome their feedback and suggestions,” she says. “All that matters is achieving the best possible final result. We all work together to do that.”

One example of a trusted partner is Hoshizaki, an industry-leading supplier of refrigerators, freezers, sushi cabinets and ice machines. They have over 70 years of experience in the commercial kitchen and food service industry, and they share Liteco’s values of quality, innovation, and reliability. Liteco can depend on their products day in, day out, year after year – and they look for that kind of consistency in all their external partners.

Landmark projects

A recent example of Liteco’s superior capabilities in action would be the Manly Greenhouse Bar and Restaurant, located in the beach-side suburb of Manly in northern Sydney. Last year, the company completed an extensive fitout of their three-level building, right in the middle of the busiest section of Manly Beach.

That project included major structural alterations such as new windows, a new internal staircase, and a whole new balcony building above a busy pedestrian path. Each level of the building included a different fitout concept. On the ground level, Liteco installed a new wood fire pizza and bar; on the first level, a fine bar and grill dining establishment; and on the roof level, a cocktail bar with a retractable “convertible-style” rooftop.

“That’s one of the main landmark projects we have done so far,” Devi says. “It’s something we’re very proud of.”

Another result the company takes a lot of pride is the result they achieved at the Century Chinese Restaurant in Sydney’s The Star Casino, roughly six years ago. Back then, they successfully delivered a number of incredibly unique features. The list includes a custom seafood tank at the entrance; a feature wall made of real chopsticks; and over 300 fibre-optic lights emanating from Chinese teacups hung upside down.

For their efforts on that restaurant, Liteco was awarded the prize for ‘Best Restaurant Design (Australia & Pacific)’ at the 2013 International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

“We love those kinds of challenging, high-end, creative, interesting projects,” Andy says. “We hope we can do more of those moving forward. That’s the direction we want to head in.”

Liteco also wants to move in the direction of growth. According to Andy, their vision is to expand their reputation beyond the hospitality sector, to take on more retail projects and commercial refurbishments, and to continue proving themselves on “stunning, landmark projects” whenever they get the chance.  Ultimately, Andy says, they want to become a “Tier 1 company in our sector.”

“We believe, if given the chance, we can become one of the premier commercial fitout companies in the country,” he concludes. For more on Liteco Projects, their complete range of fitout services, and more on what sets them apart – and to get in touch with Andy and his team – visit