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Lipman was first formed in 1966. In the many years since then, the company has evolved quite a bit. They have grown considerably in size, changed locations, introduced new divisions, and delivered a long list of high profile, award-winning projects. The one thing that has not changed, however, is their vision – which is to establish collaborative relationships with clients and subcontractors and deliver exceptional quality results.

Originally, the company carried out that vision under the name Phillip Lipman Constructions. In 1970, they became part of the Jardine Bowen & Lipman Group, and in 1978 they shortened the name to Phillip Lipman Pty Ltd. It was around this time they formed a close working relationship with McDonalds, building 23 stores for them between then and 1987. That kind of tight-knit partnership is common among the company’s clients.

In 1996, the company celebrated its 30th birthday, and shortened their name again to Lipman. They also unveiled a new company logo, and moved to new premises in North Sydney. Again, however, this evolution did not involve a change in the company’s “collaborative contracting” philosophy.

“The attitude of the company has always stayed the same,” says Rick McEwen, Business Development Manager for the company. “One of the great benefits of doing that is we tend not to have legal issues. That means we focus on what we do – which is being builders.”

“That’s a very important point, because it’s very expensive to be in confrontation with people,” he continues. “There are so many companies that end up in that situation all the time. But we build strong industry wide relationships that are founded on trust and respect, and we keep those relationships strong by delivering on time and exceeding expectations.”

A builder’s attitude

Today, Lipman works mainly in Sydney, though they have done projects all over the state. Their portfolio of work includes a wide variety of projects from nearly every building sector – they have done office buildings, industrial buildings, retail stores, refurbishments and fitouts, health and education facilities, and more.

“We’ve also done a lot of what I call ‘miscellaneous projects,’” Rick explains. “Things like stadiums and sports facilities, or projects with pools and landscaped recreation areas.”

Over the company’s life, they have regularly constructed some significant buildings in the city. That legacy started with Northpoint Tower and Northside Gardens in North Sydney, which were some of the largest developments around in their time, and remain large even by today’s standards.

No matter what kind of project they are building, Rick says there are a variety of factors that set Lipman apart. Firstly, there is the company’s experience – they have been around for 47 years, have proven themselves financially stable, and earned an almost unrivalled reputation in the marketplace.

Secondly, Lipman is set apart by their in-depth customer service – and more importantly, the attitude that makes that service possible.

“We have a builder’s attitude, which is a collaborative attitude,” Rick explains. “We work with the clients and the consultants to achieve the optimal outcome.”

“We empathise with the client and really learn what he’s trying to get out of his project,” he adds. “We can do that because of our experience. We have a lot of guys with some really deep backgrounds in the industry, and by putting their heads together they are able to achieve a really good understanding of what the project needs to look like to make sure the client gets what he needs.”

Finally, Lipman stands apart due to the quality of their workmanship. Again, Rick says that the experience of their staff goes a long way to achieving that, especially when it’s backed up by the company’s commitment to quality assurance.

“The main aim for every project is to come through at the end of the job with a defect-free building,” he says. “That’s the target every single time. It’s a hard order, but we think it’s one worth striving for.”

Industry recognised

Lipman’s commitment to providing quality construction solutions is nearly unparalleled in the industry, and it has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, the company’s hard work has earned them ongoing recognition from industry bodies like the MBA, who have awarded them a long list of major accolades that acknowledge the company’s skill at project delivery and management.

Since 2000, Lipman has brought home at least one MBA accolade a year – and most of those years, they won a lot more than one. In 2010, for example, they won in three major categories. In 2011, they won in five. And in 2012, they won two more significant awards for their high profile refurbishment work on the University of Technology Sydney and the Moore Park Supa Centa Redevelopment.

“We highly value that recognition,” Rick says. “It’s acknowledgment from your peers that you’re doing an exceptional job. We put those awards on all our marketing materials, and on our website, and we’re thrilled when we receive them.”

Rick says the company’s award-winning consistency goes back to their attitude. With every project, they strive to deliver a result that is defect-free and exceeds customer expectations.

“It’s also about job satisfaction,” he adds. “As builders, we want to build good quality buildings. We want to get them right, and make sure they work. We want them to do what they’re supposed to do. When the Master Builders come around, they see that.”

In recent years, Lipman has worked on a number of significant projects they predict will earn industry attention in the future. As an example, Rick cites the Sydney International Airport Hotel, which he calls “very successful, with a very happy client.” Other examples include the UTS Rowing Club in Haberfield, as well as the $30 million Early Learning Centre at the University of Wollongong – both of which they are currently working on.

The company is also working on the new $120 million Wet ‘n’ Wild theme park in Sydney, which they will complete by Christmas. That project includes several civil and siteworks, a variety of buildings and facilities, and a number of fun and unique rides and attractions. Rick says those kinds of slides and pools can be challenging to install – but Lipman is not a builder that shies away from a challenge.

Moving forward, Lipman will continue to overcome challenges like that, and will continue to pursue the interesting and unique projects that pose them. They will also take on more projects in the educational and health care sectors, where their skill level is required and appreciated.

In general, Rick says that Lipman is not as worried about turnover or quantity as other builders – they’re more concerned with quality. And as long as they stand by their “builder’s attitude,” he says they will continue to deliver that quality.

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